Virtual Office in NYC

Often, the key to a company’s long-term success in the US market is its local presence. However, the costs of establishing a company's place of business can add up relatively quickly. In order reduce your financial risk, we offer you our Virtual Office Services.


Your company...

receives an address at the German American Chamber of Commerce’s Office located at the Financial District in New York City (“Company XY, 80 Pine Street, 24th Floor, New York, NY 10005, USA”) with an individual phone number. Employees of our Consulting Department take care of your correspondence and answer your calls.

Advantages of a Virtual Office at the German American Chamber of Commerce in New York

  • International market presence through being located at the US East Coast
  • Support through German-speaking employees who are familiar with the US market
  • Low financial burden and risk
  • Timely and direct access to the market despite a 6 hour time difference
  • Smooth transition to a branch office
  • Consulting services when founding a U.S. company through our Legal Department


We would be happy to get to know you through a non-committal conversation. 

The German Chambers of Commerce’s service brand DEinternational offers German companies consulting services and support with successfully establishing and expanding business activities abroad. The German Chambers of Commerce have a longstanding experience with international markets and support companies as a reliable partner when building business relationships. They act as bridges between markets and cultures; employees are always bilingual and are familiar with the risks and opportunities for your exporting business.