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Trainee Board Management

Development and management of the committee to check and balance program. The GACC signs participation agreements with all parties. The GACC convenes board consisting of company representatives and trainers, community colleges, any participating high schools, and WDB to agree on basis for curriculum to be trained. This includes the organization of regular meetings of Training Board to discuss program outcomes and best practices.

Curriculum Development

Development of curriculum for the life of the program. The GACC obtains the appropriate German curriculum, translates, and schedules it into the program. This includes additions and revisions from the program in Germany and specific state registered program.

Exam Development

The development of apprentice competency exams, based on German exams, in collaboration with trainers. The GACC administers the practice exam at end of first year and the final exam at end of program.

German Standard Alignment

Support for the ongoing training required by AHK/DIHK to ensure apprenticeship programs are aligned with German standards. This also allows AHK/GACC to implement regular improvements and modernizations to the apprenticeship programs run by the IHK in Germany.

DOL Standard Alignment

Our programs are required to be registered with the DOL to ensure alignment with Department of Labor (DOL) standards. Both German and DOL alignments serve as a quality control.

Train the Trainer

All trainers will be required to complete a Train the Trainer course within the first year of program. A minimum 1:2 Trainer to Trainee ratio is required to ensure program quality and effectiveness of training. Trainers participate in a 3-day training session taught by the GACC, which concentrates on building pedagogical skills, including conflict resolution, communication, feedback, and teaching methods. Training ends with a competency test, which mirrors the style of the apprenticeship competency tests.

Apprentice Recruitment/Vetting

The outreach/education to students and the coordination with high schools to engage the appropriate students/classrooms/grade levels. The GACC also facilitates coordination with guidance counselors to ensure students are scheduled in appropriate work-study course trajectory. The GACC performs the administrative processes such as taking care of pre-registration forms, applications, and vetting.

Academic Partner Coordination

Through Apprenticeship with the GACC, you are tapping into a network of local community colleges, high schools, and education leaders. We assist from start to finish with the onboarding, alignment, and management of the partners participating in your program.

Training Program Oversite

We assist with the administrative oversite of the program such as creation/collection of forms, applications for grants, creation/collection of necessary paperwork, coordination of schedules, documentation for the DOL, and tracking of On-The-Job (OTJ) and classroom training hours. We also help with the management oversite of the program such as audits by the DOL, management of classroom instruction, management of Apprentices, and collaboration with workforce boards.

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