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The AHK USA in New York, in conjunction with the AHK Denmark and Italy advises and supports German companies in bidding on UN procurement contracts.

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As the world’s largest purchaser the United Nations (UN) acquires more than $17 Billion worth of goods and services annually.

UN - New York and Copenhagen Offices

The UN offices in New York and Copenhagen process roughly 70% of all UN procurements. The New York branch of the AHK USA and the AHK Denmark support German companies in marketing their products and services to the United Nations. To this end they offer to conduct market research, monitor the publication of bids and represent clients at bid openings.

Our Services

1) Market Research
The AHK (Overseas Chamber of Commerce) provides companies with general information about UN procurement protocols. The AHK also offers individual consultations and identify organizations within the UN relevant to their clients’ business.

2) Registration and Monitoring of Tenders
The AHK guides companies through all necessary registration processes and follows the procurement needs of the various departments of the UN on an on-going basis. Companies receive immediate notice about relevant bidding invitations. Moreover the AHK supports companies in establishing contact with UN-purchasers.

3) Attendance at Bid Openings
The AHK is present at the opening of bidding at the UN offices in Copenhagen and New York in order to monitor offers submitted by the competition.

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Nicole Klug, MBA
Senior Manager
Business Development Consulting & UN Procurement
+1 (212) 974-8853



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