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2016 International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum

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02.10.2016 | 12:00
05.10.2016 - 18:00
Newport, Rhode Island


Susanne Rehse
Senior Manager Business Development Consulting
Tel: (212) 974-8836
Email: srehse(at)gaccny.com
Fax: (646) 974-8867

Why attend the International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum?

Engineering. Construction. Manufacturing. Offshore wind is the work of many. The Business Network for Offshore Wind connects industry to opportunity. More than 75 businesses strong – working together to learn, connect, and participate in the global and regional offshore wind market.

At the 2016 International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum, we give you the knowledge and tools that result in better business conversations, more informed business decisions and determine your niche in the OSW industry. The 2016 IPF is your chance to:

  • Connect to a network of synergistic businesses, suppliers and associated organizations engaged in the offshore wind industry.
  • Create active channels for business transactions.
  • Start a dialogue that will help you share in developing and sharing specialized infrastructure, labor markets and services.
  • Build relationships with entities outside of the geographic region to leverage your competitive strengths and expand business opportunites.
  • Develop networks for business financing, business-to-business sales, education, and workforce development as well as opportunities to expand into markets nationally and internationally.