Translation Services

The translation services of the German American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. New York are your one-stop source offering a full range of German-English/English-German language services.

Our Certified Translator (NYU) has in-depth knowledge of the source and target languages and various specialist fields, a firm grasp of current usage and the writing skills needed to produce accurate and well-written translations.

Translations in the following fields are offered

  • Legal translations (such as contracts, agreements, court decisions, wills, PoAs)
  • Commercial translations (such as business correspondence, news articles, product marketing/advertising)
  • Translations of official academic records, personal documents such as birth/death certificates, marriage certificates/divorce decrees, conduct records, passports/identification documents, etc.

Rush service and notarizations are available upon request.

Localization Services

As a German company seeking market entry into the US, it is essential that your company's website as well as your marketing and advertising materials are localized in the language of your target clientele. If your website or corporate materials exist only in German, you run the risk that your potential customers may never hear about your business or your products. Localized web content as well as marketing and advertising tools are critical for foreign companies seeking to establish a foothold in the competitive US market.

After a careful evaluation of your website and documents, taking into account your key US target audience, our certified translator will translate and fine-tune the linguistic content and culturally adapt all text to fit your target market.

Contact us today with your translation or localization project!

All rates by arrangement.


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Translation Services
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