Startup & Entrepreneur Program "STEP USA"

The German American Chamber of Commerce New York introduced STEP USA in 2014. Since then, more than 250 companies participated in the program and are part of our Alumni network.



Our Statups & Entrepreneurs Program, STEP USA, is designed to bring together high-potential German Startups and entrepreneurs to participate in a one-week intensive business program and experience New York's fast growing Tech scene. Surrounded by our community of industry experts, mentors, VCs and accomplished entrepreneurs, the participants will get first hand experience on what defines success in the US. Be prepared for inspiration, deep learning, and a whole new world of opportunities for your company.



Why should you participate in STEP Program?

  • Get introduced to and understand one of the most exciting startup ecosystems in the world 
  • Gain fresh ideas for your business
  • Build initial relationships with potential customers and partners
  • Engage 1-on-1 with accomplished German and American founders on best practices for US expansion
  • Educate yourself on all important legal matters
  • Develop your company pitch and master your messaging
  • Learn from sales experts about sales strategies in the US
  • Interact with Angel & Venture Capital Investors
  • Visit Accelerators and Co-Working Spaces and experience the NYC or Boston startup community 
  • Pitch your idea on stage at the STEP Pitch Night
  • Get the chance to be nominated for the GACC Newcomer of the Year Award, which honors outstanding startups for their contribution to the transatlantic business community

Who should join the STEP Program?

Startups and Entrepreneurs...

  • Who are open to new ideas and inspirations
  • Who are relentlessly searching for improvement and new business opportunities 
  • With an interest in US expansion 
  • With a scalable business model and business traction in Germany 
  • Who want to learn more about financing opportunities in the US
  • Who want to understand the legal landscape of doing business in the US
  • Who want to experience the Tech and startup ecosystem 

Topics Covered

Market Entry

  • Incorporation
  • IP Law
  • Venture Law
  • Human Resources 
  • New York City's Initiatives for Foreign Companies  

Sales and Marketing

  • Branding & Story Telling
  • Sales Strategies
  • Digitales Marketing & Growth Hacking
  • Workforce Development 
  • Pitch Training

U.S. Business Experience

  • Company Introduction 
  • Investor Relations
  • Investor Meetings
  • STEP Pitch Night
  • Networking Events  

What does a typical STEP week look like?

STEP is a 5-day bootcamp filled with seminars, 1-on-1 meetings and networking opportunities. We focus on constantly improving the quality of our program by crafting it to the needs of our participants. During the week, we provide you with hands on mentoring for a successful US expansion. We choose mentors and partners with extensive knowledge in their field who share practical advice on how to successfully scale your business in the US.

In addition, our program also covers all topics with regards to a successful US market entry with immediate practical benefit. The week ends with a highlight: we bring you on stage during our STEP Pitch Night and you get a chance to pitch your idea in front of a crowd of mentors, business partners, investors and startup enthusiasts. 


Das STEP NYC-Programm hat uns in sehr kurzer Zeit ein holistisches aber auch detailliertes Bild des amerikanischen Marktes gegeben und uns gleichzeitig für Herausforderungen und Stolpersteine einer Expansion in die USA sensibilisiert. Am spannendsten war es für uns, auch im Hinblick auf zukünftige Geschäftsbeziehungen, die interkulturellen Feinheiten und Unterschiede des amerikanischen „Way of doing Business“ hautnah erleben und in vielen Gesprächen, Meetings und Workshops anwenden zu können. Wir können das Programm allen empfehlen, die mit ihrem Unternehmen einen ersten Feldversuch starten und eine solides Basis für ein amerikanisches Netzwerk aufbauen wollen.

Jakob Höflich
Groovecat, STEP ’18 Alumnus