STEP USA – Startup and Entrepreneur Program

5 Day Program for German Startups in New York City, Boston and Silicon Valley

  • Gain practical business experience
  • Meet business angels and venture capital investors
  • Qualify for the German Accelerator New York

Four times a year, the German American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. New York, together with VentureOutNY and several partner organizations, offers German startup companies the opportunity to participate in a 5 day program in New York City.

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Why New York City?

In the U.S., besides Silicon Valley in California, New York City has also developed into a real hot spot for startups from around the globe.

With its extremely dynamic market environment, its venture capital investors, a large purchasing power as well as a multitude of outstanding contacts to companies, mentors, universities and the startup scene, New York is the optimal environment for startups.

It is the goal of STEP NYC to support startups in their strategies for internationalization and direct marketing in order for these young companies to implement their position in the German market even more successfully.

Program Objectives

In the course of the program, participating companies will

  1. test and adjust their business ideas to the needs of the U.S. market
  2. learn to adapt their respective pitch to the U.S. market
  3. develop first customer leads or partnerships on the U.S. market
  4. meet with the local startup scene in New York City
  5. meet mentors who counsel startups on founding their own U.S. subsidiary
  6. meet Angel Investors as well as Venture Capital Investors

The German American Chamber of Commerce and its partners will open up networks to young entrepreneurs, established companies, research institutes, mentors, investors and potential customers in the German-American business environment in the course of program.

At the end of this short term program, participating companies from Germany will be ideally prepared to apply for a 3-6 months program in line with the German Accelerator (

Program Design

  • 5 day program will take place 4 times a year
  • Capacity for up to 15 startups per trip
  • Target group: German startups in industries such as ICT, media, gaming, clean tech, energy, energy efficiency and engineering.
  • Program and travel costs will be covered by participating startups. 
  • Program costs: EUR 3.000.- per startup. This entitles 2 representatives per startup to take part in STEP NYC.
  • Program addresses startups in the phase of “testing the market” or already successfully established in Germany with
    1) a concrete business idea with an international approach
    2) a scalable business model
    3) ambitions to enter the U.S. market
    4) ideally generating revenue
    5) ideally successful first investor rounds

Course of Action

Sample Program

Become a Sponsor of STEP NYC

Become an official sponsor of the STEP NYC Program and benefit from these advantages:

  • Get to know young talents in your industry and learn more about their innovative ideas
  • Present your company as an attractive brand and employer
  • Support the development of new technologies
  • Support young company founders to develop their entrepreneurial skills

For more information please contact Andrea Diewald


"STEP NYC is an amazing experience. Do not hesitate, if you have the chance to participate. Through the program we could significantly expand our network and even met people who eventually helped us close a high volume deal with one of the most renowned U.S. companies."

Dr. Michael Tal

"STEP NYC has helped us to better understand the American Startup industry. During the 5-day program in Manhattan we were able to establish a network of interesting VC-investors, successfully established startups and legal and marketing experts in New York that will help us take our first step into the American market in the near future.

Johannes Herzer
CEO nightadvisor

"STEP NYC is a great opportunity for German Tech-Start-ups to get first practical business experiences on the U.S. market. It's an initial step to establish useful and tangible business contacts as well as a personal life experience. Strongly recommended!

Philipp von Trotha

"The STEP NYC program was extremely helpful for me, as it showed me how to adapt my investment company "Confluentis IT Capital GmbH" and my startup company "Doctor Know" to the very special market conditions in the U.S. and especially in New York.

For us, the program helped to:

  • learn about the cultural differences and how to deal with them
  • discover legal aspects to be dealt with
  • find out about immigration and visa questions
  • be informed about the U.S. tax system
  • access and present my company to U.S. Venture Capital companies
  • get to know U.S. business angels to simplify market entry
  • see this great city from the viewpoint of many business locations and especially incubators"

 Ralph Brubach, MBA
CEO Confluentis IT Capital GmbH

"We were lucky to be selected for the STEP NYC program - a program for those who are excited about the opportunities, which can be found in the U.S. The STEP NYC program is a well-balanced mixture of the educational seminars and meetings with US start-ups and senior VCs. These meetings and events will charge you with energy to re-discover the U.S. and New York for your business as a market and source of capital."

Artem Andrianov, PhD, MBA
CEO Cyntegrity Germany GmbH

"STEP NYC is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! One thrilling week to discover the New York startup landscape with great fellow entrepreneurs. The perfect program for people who think about US market entry or simply want to experience the US way of starting up."

Matti Niebelschutz
CEO Business Development UNIQUE Fragrance Group

"Danke für eine tolle Woche mit spannenden Leuten in New York! Neben der Vergrößerung unseres Netzwerkes brachte uns die Teilnahme am STEP NYC-Programm einige wertvolle Erkenntnisse zu unserer strategischen Ausrichtung."

Jens Schmelzle
Co-founder simpleshow gmbh

"After having been an active in the German startup environment for the last 4 years, taking part in the GACC NY’s STEP program was one of the most encouraging, vibrant and enjoyable weeks as „little“ grown Startup. Everyone at the GACC was trying to really help us understand the difference between German mentality and American business behavior. In relevant workshops, strategy sessions and amazing company insights we got excellent information on how to make our first moves on the US market. My STEP experience was also very successful due to a superb group of 10 young companies with different backgrounds from all over Germany!"

Stefanie Reimann-Dubbers


STEP NYC is organized by the German American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. with the assistance of VentureOutNY.



Andrea Diewald, M.A
Director Innovation, Investor & Startup Relations
-currently based in Hamburg, Germany- 
+49 171 148 6930
+49 40 52 160 35

Upcoming Programs

New York:
March 3 - 8, 2019
(application deadline: Feb. 2, 2019)

New York:
May 19 - 24, 2019
(application deadline: Apr. 18, 2019)

New York & Boston (NRW-Startups only):
September 15 - 20, 2019
(application deadline: Aug. 1, 2019)

New York:
December 8 - 13, 2019
(application deadline: Nov. 7, 2019)

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