Delegation Visits

GACC New York offers various programs and initiatives targeted at facilitating market entry of German companies into the U.S. market. In project-oriented visits, German companies receive the opportunity to meet U.S. industry, economic, political, and education experts. Further information on the individual programs can be found in the directory below.

Energy Export Initiative

Expand into new markets abroad with the Energy Efficiency Initiative of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy Climate-friendly energy supply technologies and know-how “Made in Germany” are sought after internationally. Governments and especially corporations are increasingly realizing: Renewable energies and energy efficiency reduce the dependency on fossils, positively contribute to protecting the climate, reduce costs and strengthen the competitive position.

The Energy Efficiency Export Initiative of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy aims to support German suppliers of climate-friendly energy solutions when expanding abroad in order to strengthen the global standing of German technology and know-how. The focus of the initiative lies on renewable energies, energy efficiency, smart grids and storage. New technologies such as Power-to-Gas and fuel cells gain in significance.

Our services particularly target small- and medium-sized companies and support participants through measures related to market analysis, entry, and safeguarding of markets.

The Energy Export Initiative supports corporations with:

  • Collecting market information
  • Rating export markets and avoiding risks
  • Establishing or deepening business connections abroad
  • Saving time and monetary costs when entering the market
  • Gaining visibility as a quality supplier “Made in Germany”

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Dialog on Energy

The goal of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy’s  international cooperation on energy is to establish trustful and long-term energy-oriented relationships with partner countries.

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Energiewende Direkt

Obtain further information on the energy transition and subscribe to the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy’s Newsletter.

Market Development

The Market Development Program promotes project-specific measures for small- and medium-sized companies. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy supports small- and medium-sized manufacturing and service companies when entering international markets. The thematic focus of the Program lies on megatrends and future-oriented topics with mounting business value.

Formats of the Market Development Program include information events, market surveys, exhibitions, business development trips and buyer and informatory trips.

GACC New York mainly focuses on the formats of business development and informatory trips. Business development specifically focuses on building concrete business relationships between German and American companies. This also encompasses an analysis of the target market of the specific industry, a one-day event for presentations with local and German experts and individual business meetings. Informatory trips relate to American buyers traveling to Germany, visiting companies and establishing business connections.   

Other Delegation Visits

In addition to the projects supported by the Federal Ministry, GACC New York offers separate delegation visits, which can be organized individually on request by companies, associations, and other organizations, and which are targeted at one specific group. Thereby, German companies obtain the opportunity to get to know the target market and to build business contacts. On request, GACC New York organizes briefings, networking events and individual or group meetings. Company visits allow for the opportunity to experience production conditions and the working schedules on site.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you are interested in our offer.

Past Events

18.-22. März 2019, New York

03.-06. Dezember 2018, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Kaiserslautern, Karlsruhe

25.-29. Juni 2018, New York & North Carolina

25.-28. Juni 2018, Berlin

04.-06. Juni 2018, New York

  • Geschäftsreise zum Thema Lebensmittel allgemein

13.-17. November 2017, New York

06.-10. November 2017, New York & Los Angeles

19.-23. Juni 2017, Berlin

27.-30. März 2017, Frankfurt

Upcoming Events

16.-20. September 2019, Berlin & Hamburg

28. Oktober – 01. November 2019, New York

  • Exportinitiative: Geschäftsanbahnungsreise Energiespeicherung und Smart Grids

11.-15. November 2019, New York

Target Market Studies


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