Tech and Startup Network

New York City has become the tech startup hub and headquarter of one of the largest Venture Capital scenes in the United States, being home to multi-billion dollar investment businesses.

Why GACC and Why New York

At the German American Chamber of Commerce, we believe that we bring distinct advantages to the success of startups and entrepreneurs specifically foreign founders who want to explore or enter the US market. We have the resources, knowledge and the experience to provide highest-quality services to our partners.

We collaborate with NYC and Boston's leading Accelerators, Venture Capital Funds, Innovation Hubs and have an extensive network of mentors and speakers who are thought leaders in their respective industries.

New York City is among the world’s most impressive metros for innovation and business opportunities. In the second quarter of 2019, NYC’s seed deal funding hit a record $114.5MM. The City also voiced its commitment to supporting the entrepreneurship community, and ever since New York has become a top location for startups on the East Coast rivaling and surpassing Silicon Valley in many aspects.

Its metropolitan area has ventured out beyond startups focusing on advertising, media, and e-commerce. Today, as the Silicon Alley of Tech, New York City focuses on Artificial Intelligence, Bio Tech, Virtual Reality, Fintech, Fashion, E-Health, SaaS, IoT, and E-commerce, supported by entrepreneurial talent from Columbia, NYU, Princeton, Cornell University, and all around the world.