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customers will order,” Valois assures.
“Most corporate orders fall in the
$30 to $60 price category, sowe’ve
increased inventory in this price
range.” As orders from corporate
clients have increased, so have
services. Today, many companies
provide a list of addresses for
shipment with a target ship date. The
Mostly Chocolate staff write notes by
hand and ship the cookie assort-
ments to lists of individuals direct
from the warehouse.
A Sweet Partnership
As part of themarketing partnership,
Lebkuchen-Schmidt ships samples to
Mostly Chocolate for distribution to
prospective clients and at German-
American functions and benefits. In
2013, Lebkuchen-Schmidt sent
12,000 sample cookies fromNurem-
berg Cookie
samples havemade their way to
white asparagus dinners in Texas,
Carolina Oktoberfests, and events
hosted by the German Language and
Culture Association. InMay, com-
pany representatives gave attendees
Lebkuchen at theMerlinAwards
Gala in Chicago, whereMostly
Chocolate was a nominee in the Best
Small Business category. This fall,
MostlyChocolate.comwas a sponsor
the Transat-
lantic Exhibi-
tion of Art in the
Southeast. Leb-
kuchen-Schmidt cements the
partnership by joining Valois at
premier U.S. events like the fall 2014
Administrative Professionals Confer-
ence (APC) nearWashington, DC. conducts 99%
of sales online or bymail which
pairs well with Lebkuchen-Schmidt’s
business model. With over 80 years
in business, Lebkuchen-Schmidt is
the oldest mail order company for
“We’ve seenGerman-American companies
embrace the option of sharing a gift that represents
their heritagewith their clients and employees.”
Robert Valois,
2014 Lebkuchen-Schmidt FestiveChest
GermanAmerican TradeNov/Dec 2014
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