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Welcome, NewMembers!
National Partners
Dworschak, Helmut
Reznikoff &Co., LLC
Siemens Industry, Inc. Building
Technologies Division - Infra-
structure&Cities Sector
Talent Development Consultant
W H A T ' S O N Y O U R D E S K ?
Essen, Germany
Gardening, Hiking,
Kayaking, Skiing, and Painting
Past Careers:
Ski Instructor, EMT,
Ecologist, andAttorney
Tel: (215) 665-1585
Cell: (610) 657-1450
Fax: (215) 968-0973
Lindi vonMutius
GACC Philadelphia
Executive Director
What do you like best
about your job?
I really enjoy working with our
members, whether it is with large
companies who need a contact,
or with individuals who are looking
for business development opportu-
nities or employment. The most
rewarding aspect of my job is when
amember tells me that theymet a
new client or connected with a
potential employer at one of our
events. I also enjoy showing off the
Philadelphia region. I work very
closely with the City of Philadelphia
and the Pennsylvania and Delaware
state offices to better promote the
region in Germany, and introduce
German companies to the right
contacts here.
Most Inspiring Projects?
Incorporating new businesses
and assisting German companies
with legal issues they encounter
here in the region. I really enjoy
being able to work as an attorney
as well as the Executive Director.
The legal work provides interesting
variety inmy job, and allows me
to better understand what compa-
nies need to be successful here.
I also enjoy speaking to groups
about German trade policy issues
like TTIP and business development
in Germany.
Upcoming Project?
We have conceptualized amarket
entry program specifically for
German life science companies.
After our 25th Anniversary Gala
on September 26th, I am looking
forward to focusing on this
project again, because I believe it
will make a big difference in
helpingMittelstand companies from
Germany thrive in the “Pharma
Belt” that is Delaware, New Jersey,
and Pennsylvania.
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