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SKMarketing& Communica-
tions is an experiential
marketing, communications and
brand-developing agencywhich
delivers content with substance,
powerful imagery andmemorable
experiences that generate interest
for our clients.
Through the production of high-
level special events and the creation
of “brandscapes,” (comprehensive
brand landscapes that build brand
experience and awareness) we
offer our clients “public relevance”
for their themes, technologies and
products. To create this relevance,
we employ amultitude of
communication platforms including
sophisticated press andmarketing
events, striking product presenta-
tions, branding strategies,
3D exhibitions and comprehensive
social media/online campaigns.
In this fashionwe are able to
position our clients’ brands within
the public consciousness, inspire
discourse and debate, and create
honest, credible public relevance.
Our agency also has the advantage
of being part of an international
organization –we have offices in
Germany and China in addition to
our U.S. location. This worldwide
network allows us to achieve success
by utilizing themost effective and
appropriate approaches from a global
perspective. Additionally, we
leverage those approaches with
support from communication special-
ists, designers, architects and event
specialists as well as technology,
software and logistics professionals.
With all this talent under our global
companywe are able to conceptual-
ize and execute demanding, large-
scale projects both here in the U.S.
and abroad.
Our customer satisfaction is not only
reflected by our sales numbers but
also by our enduring relationships.
Internally and externally, our
dedication to our team and clients is
among the longest in the industry.
Our U.S. roster involves brands such
Mercedes-Benz, smart, AMG,
HARMAN and Tetra Pak andwe’ve
provided support to Siemens,
Lapp and TrueCar, among others.
In particular, OSKMarketing&
Communications is a good fit for
German and European brands with a
presence in the United States.
An example of this congruence
(and of our most notable projects
here) was the planning and execu-
tion of the world premiere of the
Maybach ultra-luxury sedan by
OSKMarketing& Communi­
cations Sits at the Crossroads
of Marketing, PR, and
Creative Services for Brands.
The landscape of brand communica-
tions is changing drastically. What
clients and their brands now need
Not YourAverageAgency…
…with International Experience, European Taste,German
Quality and TrueAmerican Spirit,OSK is SettingNewStandards.
A jet-settingexhibit for Siemenswonawards forOSK
OSK’s “brandscape” for TetraPakwas thehit of theAnugaFoodTecFair
GermanAmerican TradeNov/Dec 2014
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