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Porsche: Bringing Intelligent
Performance toGeorgia
One of themost exciting investment
developments in recent years has
been Porsche’s decision to build their
new headquarters at Aerotropolis
Atlanta. Set to open in 2015, this
development will further solidify
Georgia’s place on the list of
southeastern states that are home to
other illustrious names inGerman
car manufacturing like BMW,
Mercedes, and Volkswagen. While
Porsche has had offices inAtlanta
since 1998, this new 100-million-
dollar investment is evidence of their
resolve to take root inGeorgia for
good. The local workforce was one of
the primary reasons Porsche chose
Georgia from the other 73 sites taken
under consideration, scoring highest
on their elaborate evaluation system
that weighed factors like logistics,
transportation, workforce, and land
costs. The new headquarters will
employ around 400 people and
create 100 new jobs, and the impres-
sive building of glass and steel – per-
fectly representative of their cars’
sleek, smart designs –will feature
office space, amuseum, restaurant,
and a 1.6-mile test track.
International companies haven’t
chosen to invest inGeorgia on a
whim, but because the state’s
amiable business climate, ideal
location, and attractive incentives
are just too good to deny. The state’s
prosperous manufacturing sector,
which includes many German
companies, makes it even easier for
other German businesses to relocate
or expand here.
Logistics and Infrastructure
While Georgia has many factors to
thank for its economic success,
enviable infrastructure andmarket
access are its undeniable aces in the
hole. A triumvirate of expertly
developed air, land, and sea trans-
portation options is a logistical
dream for international companies.
Atlanta is home to the Hartsfield-
Jackson International Airport – the
busiest international airport in the
world – and brings over 95million
people to destinations across 6
continents and 50 countries every
year. Georgia also boasts two
deep-sea ports in Savannah and
Brunswick, with Savannah ranking
as the second busiest deep-sea port
on the American east coast just after
NewYork. Georgia also enjoys an
ideal location for inland distribution,
with an extensive network of
highways and railway lines that
allow companies to reach 80% of the
Americanmarket within just 2 days.
QualifiedWork Force
Successful business requires a skilled
work force, which is why Georgia
has focused onworkforce training,
hiring, and education in its effort to
help businesses grow. International
companies benefit fromGeorgia’s
extensive higher education system
(one of the largest in the nation),
which includes internationally
renowned schools like Georgia Tech
and Emory. U.S. News &World
Report has ranked Georgia Tech
among the top 10 public universities
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