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industry. We aremeeting the
challenges of this market by increas-
ing our local assembly, production
and emphasys on our business units’
commercial coverage (Cement,
BuildingMaterials &Minerals,
Chemicals, Mining, Food and
Service) throughout our region.
HAVER is one of NorthAmerica's
most respected solutions providers,
as well as in LatinAmerica, focused
on using the latest technology.
Haver Group is a global
company. Inwhich fields do you see
the highest potential for growth?
Industries nowadays are signal-
ing towardsmore intelligent and
networked production systems, which
meanmore efficient, rapid and
flexiblework processes in companies.
HAVER as a group is taking on this
challenge to enrich our customers
value-adding chains providing
complete solutions through our
leading technology brands –HAVER,
NEWTEC - customizing solutions for
the handling, storage, filling, packing
and palletizing of cement, building
materials andminerals, chemicals and
liquid and pasty products. HAVER
innovativemachine technologies of
different brands can be linked
together to form complete systems.
This allowsmoduleswithin the
customer's process to bemaximized,
or total systems to be newly defined
and set up. As a solutions provider we
see a huge potential for growth in the
service area, from complete engi-
neered plants until its full operation,
embracing related areas asmainte-
nance, retrofit and refurbishing.
Last year the facility in
Conyers, GAwas expandedby
adding 4,300 square feet. How
has this improved your processes
and production? Is even further
expansion of the facility possible
in the next few years?
The expansion has allowed for
faster, high quality assembly and
production of ourmachines. Along
with increasing the allocated area for
spare parts and our logistics process-
es.We have also been able to increase
ourmaterial and bag testing areas.
We have expanded again. Newly
inaugurated this year, we have added
theHYDRO-CLEAN testing area for
thematerial washing process.While
our customers expect solutions that
often go beyond our general product
range, we are focused on innovation
and technical developments in order
tomeet their expectations. This has
lead time and time again to a success-
ful partnershipwith our customers.
We have been driven by consistent
and sustainable business developments
since the family-owned companywas
founded 125 years ago.
W E L C O M E T O T H E C - S U I T E
Haver FillingSystems, Inc. Building inConyers, GA.
ValveBagPackagingMachine, INTEGRA4L
GermanAmerican TradeNov/Dec 2014
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