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Mr. Caobianco, you have
worked for theHaver Group since
2005, primarily in the Latin
Americanmarket.What compelled
you to transfer to theNorth
ClaudioCaobianco (CC):
I was
compelled to transfer to theNorth
Americanmarket by the challenge of
understanding and thriving in a new
environment. HAVER is involved
globally in thewireweaving and
machinery segments. TheWire
WeavingDivision produceswoven
wiremesh and processes it into
engineeredwovenwire products.
They are used for screening andfiltra-
tion by the chemical, plastics,
automotive, aviation, aerospace,
electronics, foodstuffs and feed
industries, aswell as for architectural
applications and analysis sieves.
TheMachineryDivision specializes in
storage, loading, unloading, packing,
filling, andweighing, palletizing and
mineral processing equipment. The
product range includes packing and
loading systems for powder-type and
granulatedmaterials, food and animal
feed, aswell as complete filling
stations for liquid and pasty products.
The division formineral processing
includes screeningmachines, washing
technology, pelletizing discs, process-
ing plants. These varies levels of
expertise allow us to provide full line
solutions to our customers, not only
in onemarket but globally, with
complete integration. Therefore,
combining these solutionswith the
ability to carry over best practices
frommy past experience in another
market into theNorthAmerican
market provides for an exciting
future. Lastly, I alwayswanted to be
linked to a successful and resource
rich company such as HAVER, where
it is possible to gain an enormous
amount of knowledge and knowhow,
which allows our abilities to reach
theirmaximum potential.
What do you believe are
some of the prominent differences
between the Latin and theNorth
Americanmarket?Where do
you see challenges in dealingwith
a newmarket?
Beyond economic and legisla-
tion differences between the two
markets, there are specific differences
in industry practices, such as cement
dispatch in bulk is predominant in
NorthAmerica, while bagged cement
dispatch is standard in LatinAmeri-
ca. Another area of difference is the
higher level of automation required
by the NorthAmerican customer.
Overall markets are increasing in the
areas of processing, storage, mixing,
filling, packing, palletizing and
loading in both regions, as well as
demand for wear parts and service.
In terms of challenges, the common
one is handling a large territory as
big as NorthAmerica in providing
proper commercial coverage, while
supporting the industrywith
exceptional product development
and the highest standard of service.
Thoughwe are committed to
exceeding customer expectations and
the demands of an ever changing
W E L C O M E T O T H E C - S U I T E
Executive Vice President, Haver Filling Systems
IntroducingNewC-Level Executives to the
German-American Business Community
Haver FillingSystems
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