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pertaining to
“Identification." In
addition to technical
labels, Woelco can
also supply simple
solutions like industrial
printers, ribbons, and barcode
scanners. But we can also supply
very complicated solutions with
various technologies such as custom
made labeling equipment, laser
etching equipment, vision systems,
and software that can all be inte-
grated into a total solution," says
Patrick Noone, Vice President Sales
&Marketing, WLS.
Woelco alsomanufactures labeling
equipment inGermany to accom-
pany the labels produced inMoores-
ville, providing their customers with
a complete “beginning to end”
solution. A key toWoelco’ s contin-
ued growth is their ability to
manufacture this custom-made
labeling equipment, combinedwith
other technologies. "Many years ago
I learned frommy father that we
needed to provide a complete
equipment solution, so that our
customers can come to one resource
for a total solution of labels and
equipment," said DieterWoelfle,
CEO and owner ofWoelco. Many of
these equipment solutions can be
viewed atWoelcoUS - YouTube –
videos, as well asWoelco’s website,
AsWoelco’s business continues to
grow, the plan is to increase their
support for
their NAFTA
customers through a
recently announced partner-
ship inMexicowith an engineering
sales organization. This partner will
represent Woelco throughout all of
Mexico andwill help service their
NAFTA customers through improved
communication, Spanish translation,
timely service, weekly/monthly
visits, and local professional
Woelco’s solutions are included in
many high-end technical products
like BMW and VW automobiles, F16
fighter jets, and Bosch automotive
parts. Nomatter what the need,
Woelco can helpwith any identifica-
tion solution.
Contact info:
Inquiries can bemade to
PatrickNoone at 704-929-5668
or by calling theWoelco office
at 704-664-1027.
Woelco'sNCmanufacturing facility
Self-adhesive labels in the slittingprocess
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