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hances are that if you drove
your car today, mowed your
yard this weekend, or replaced any of
your appliances recently, aWoelco
label was on your product. Woelco
Labeling Solutions (WLS), located in
Mooresville NC, servicing North/
SouthAmerica, manufactures
technical labels, die cut parts, and
tags for industrial applications.
Woelco has been present in the U.S.
for over 15 years, althoughWoelco
Germanywas foundedmore than 50
years ago. Created for the purposes
of bringing technical labels to
specialized industries like automo-
tive, Woelco creates custom-made
solutions for a variety of industries
including aerospace, automotive,
chemical, electrical, equipment,
electronics, food, gas, metal, military,
packaging, plastics, textiles, tooling
andmany other product categories.
Woelco established itself in the USA
to service global customers on a local
level, bringingGerman quality
manufacturing to all of theirmarkets.
Additional locations include Ehnin-
gen, Germany and Changzhou, China
which service Europe/Africa and
Asia/Australia respectively.Woelco is
one of the few global manufacturers
of labels who can coordinate global
strategic partnerships for ISO TS
certified products. Collectively, these
three international locations have
created thousands of solutions
throughout the years, and all of these
different label solutions are available
from eachWoelco location.Woelco
prides itself on bringing global
solutions to local markets by produc-
ing in local facilities. Many of these
solutions are technical and are
designed for industrial applications
for permanent partsmarking.
Most solutions are developedwith
a “long life” filmmaterial.
It is these complexmaterial solutions
that requireWoelco to place heavy
emphasis on their ISO TSQuality
Certification. "We learnedmany years
ago that customers were frustrated
with having no technical labeling
manufacturer for industrial labels.
Many labeling companies are focused
on consumer solutions instead of
extreme solutions for industry, such
as automotive. That is whywe
invested heavily in our ISO TS
Certifications in order to support our
customers with technical products at
the highest quality level", said Petra
Weiser, OperationsManager of
Woelco Labeling Solutions. In fact,
Woelco Labeling Solutions was
one of the first labeling companies
to achieve the ISO TSQuality
Woelco’ s manufacturing capability
exceeds millions of labels in a day
with equipment ranging from rotary
flexo to letterpress to digital.
Additional equipment includes
slitters and other cutting equipment
to create the various shapes and die
cuts required by customers. A highly
disciplined training program,
initiated byWoelco for developing
local talented professionals, has
proven to be extremely successful.
This has allowed the addition of
several new employees, who are now
cross-training among the different
pieces of equipment. This training is
certainly paying big dividends in
customer satisfaction, asWLS has
recently surpassed 300 days without
an accepted customer complaint.
While each location serves markets
with unique product requests, Woelco
prides itself on having similar
capabilities amongst all their
manufacturing facilities. This allows
the other locations to cover produc-
tion in case of emergency situations,
such as natural disasters. The USA
division has been very successful in
also acting as a distributor and
integrator. "In the USA, our custom-
ers are surprised to learn that we are
a “one-stop shop” for all solutions
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and Identification Solutions
Automotivecomponent identification
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