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YouDon’t InnovatebyYourself
n a beautiful sun-filled Friday
afternoon, GACCMidwest
invited representatives of the
German-American business commu-
nity to leave the bustling city of
Chicago to get inspired to think
outside of the box.
Overlooking the gorgeous Lake
Geneva from the luxurious Abbey
Resort, the group had the chance to
hear leading innovators reveal their
visions and enter into a dialogue on
how to trigger innovative thinking,
how to choose the right growth
strategies, and how to find the right
employees to be successful.
We all know that innovation plays a
vital role in the world of business -
but it doesn't come easily, acknowl-
edged our ChairmanW. David Braun
when he opened the forum.
KeyNote Trends
in Innovation
Our keynote speaker Howard
Tullamn was a wonderful example
of entrepreneurial courage. The
CEO of Chicago’s famous startup
hub 1871 has successfully launched
more than a dozen high-tech
companies in the past 45 years.
And he was willing to let our
audience into the secrets of innova-
tion. In a highly engaging presen-
tation, the serial entrepreneur
introduced 5 major trends for the
future of innovation. By highlight-
ing that today, companies “are
competing against everything,” he
made it very clear that business
challenges have changed signifi-
cantly over the last years. In his
view, companies who want to be
true innovators need to switch from
relying on diagnosing the past to
courageously following prognoses
for the future.
ADay of Dialogue and Exchange
at the Inspiration for Innovation Forum
“It was a day full
of discussions,
exchange, and
Everyone left
inspired, with new
insight and a vision
to sharewith
their colleagues.”
Simone Pohl,
President & CEO,
GermanAmerican TradeNov/Dec 2014
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