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In order to assist German companies
from the specialties and organic food
sector, the GermanAmerican Chamber
of Commerce organized a 5-day
business trip toNewYork City inMarch
2014 on behalf of the German Federal
Ministry of Food andAgriculture.
Eight German company representatives
came toNewYork City to present
their products in front of a broad
audience andmet potential U.S.
business partners.
The first business delegation event in the
spring of this year proved to be a great
success for the eight German companies
and paved theway for a sequel in the
fall. OnOctober 27, 2014, theGerman
AmericanChamber of Commerce in
cooperationwith theGermanConsulate
General opened the doors of theGerman
House and hosted the kick-off event for
“A Taste of Germany –Part II”. Again, a
group of eight German specialty and
organic products enterprises took the
stage at the rooftop restaurant of the
GermanHouse and displayed their
various products.
The roomwas filledwith a
delicious variety of German
“Delikatessen”, ranging fromwines
byWeinbau Dr. Lippold and
Weinmanufaktur Montana; baked
goods by Huober Brezel GmbH&
Co andWilhelm Prünte GmbH;
jams and jellies by FrüchteMeer
Konfitürenmanufaktur; beer by
Friedenfelser Beteiligungs-GmbH&
Co. KG; spicemixes by Beltane
Naturkost GmbH; and Black Forest
ham by Hans Adler OHG.
After awelcome breakfast and
tasting of the products, Rabbi
MenachemGenack, CEO of the
OrthodoxUnion, welcomed the
new round of eight companies and
the large group of invited guests
consisting of food distributors,
importers, brokers, retailers, and
industry experts. Rabbi Genack’s
introductionwas followed by
several contributions and presenta-
tions, ranging from legal advice to
valuable insight into U.S. market
segments and distributions.
Hans Adler OHG
Raw ham and bacon specialties
BeltaneNaturkost GmbH
Spice mixes, marinades and saladmixes
Schlossbrauerei Friedenfels GmbH
16 types of beer, soda and lemonade
FrüchteMeer Konfitürenmanufaktur
Jams and jellies
Huober Brezel GmbH& Co.
Salted crackers and snacks,
pretzels and salted pretzel sticks
WeinbauDr. Lippold
GmbH& Co. KG
Riesling, white and red Burgundy,
Rivaner, Silvaner andChardonnay
Wilhelm PrünteGmbH
Whole grain bread and bread specialties
Friedenfels - felsenfest inQualität
GermanAmerican TradeNov/Dec 2014
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