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he U.S. foodmarket is large – in
fact it is colossal. No other
country has a similar per capita
consumption of groceries, beverages,
and agricultural products. Therefore,
it comes as no surprise that German
exporters are continuously seeking
new opportunities to place their
products in this competitivemarket.
In recent years, however, demand for
inexpensivemass products has been
on the decline. American consumers
increasingly prefer fresh produce
over frozen food, smaller snacks are
replacing larger meals, and bottled
water and low-calorie beverages are
trending. Additional competition
came in form of a growing organic
and specialty foods market in the
U.S. Stores such asWhole Foods and
Trader Joe’s are known for their vast
range of organic products. Other
chains such as Fairway also offer a
large selection of organic and
specialty products. EvenU.S.
hypermarket juggernautWal-Mart
has recently announced that it will
expand its product portfolio, adding
affordable organic produce.
It seems that Americans are saying
goodbye to burgers and fries in favor
of healthier andmore specialized
consumer choices. Per definition,
specialty food products are foods and
beverages that exemplify quality,
innovation and style. According to
the Specialty FoodAssociation,
further characteristics are originality,
authenticity, ethnic or cultural origin,
specific processing, ingredients,
limited supply, distinctive use,
extraordinary packaging or specific
channels of distribution or sale. Of
course, outstanding quality often
commands a premium price.
The up-and-coming organic and
specialty foods market segment in
the U.S. offers a profitable niche,
also for German companies. Tradi-
tionally, anything labeled “natural”
inGermany carries a premium. Some
argue that it is due to the fact that
wilderness inGermany has largely
been tamed to the point of extinc-
tion. However, the diverse selection
of specialty and organic products
“made inGermany” has great
potential to supply the increasing
demand in the U.S.
By JanVater, GACC
A Taste of Germany II –German Specialty
&Organic Products Beyond Bratwurst
German Food is not theWurst!
GermanAmerican TradeNov/Dec 2014
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