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have influenced the BayArea’s
character with their innovative
mentality and enterprising ideas.
As another tribute to itsmilestone
completion, theGACCWest also
published its limited edition anniver-
sary book “German Entrepreneurship
in the BayArea&Beyond”. Distrib-
uted as a present to all guests and
select German subsidiaries, the book
offers a detailed look on the economic
and cultural development of the Bay
Area from aGerman perspective and
recaps the experiences and steady
growth of the San Francisco-based
Chamber over the past ten years.
Similar to the first German pioneers
of theGoldRush times, who paved
theway for all followingGerman
settlers andmerchantswith experi-
ence and an established network, the
GermanAmericanChambers of
Commerce provide support for
German companies entering the U.S.
market today. Even though the history
of theGACCWest is fairly young, the
network of GermanAmerican
Chambers of Commerce dates back
many years and has been vital for the
success ofmany companies in the
BayArea and throughout the U.S. The
GACCs are part of a global network of
130 chambers in 90 countries,
offering amembership network and
providing support for German small
andmid-size companies trying to
venture abroad.With the ever-grow-
ing importance of the SiliconValley
for the U.S. economy, an office in San
Franciscowas established in 2004 to
help promote transatlantic trade on
theWest Coast and focus on innova-
tive industries, such as IT, biotech and
renewable energies. It is a known fact
that the BayArea inNorthern
California represents amajor econom-
ic region in the U.S. and is one of the
most unique innovation centers in the
world. It offers the perfect breeding
ground for trailblazing ideas, strong-
selling products and services, and is
home to the largest and fastest-grow-
ing companies inNorthAmerica. One
seventh of all U.S. patents are granted
and over 40% of all global venture
capital is invested here. The area is
known for welcoming entrepreneurs
and unconventional thinkers from all
over theworld. German pioneers in
particular have shaped the spirit and
character of the BayArea - from
banks to breweries, some of Califor-
nia’s first big corporationswere estab-
lished byGermans and are still
successfully operating today. Thus,
the decision to open up a new branch
office in San Francisco did not come
“Back in the day,
German pioneers came t
oCalifornia to hunt
for gold. Today, they are
not looking for gold, but
for tomorrow’s greatest
talents and innovations.”
Rene van
From left to right: AndyvonBechtolsheim, Founder,
AristaNetworks; JürgenSiebenrock, VPof theAmericas,
Lufthansa/GACCBoard, LudwigWillisch, President&
From left to right: Daniel Kellmereit, CEO, Detecon, Inc.;Marlou Janssen, President,
Biotronik, Inc.; RagnarKruse, CEO, Smaato, Inc.; RalfKuschnereit, President&CEO, Carl
ZeissMeditec, Inc.; JürgenFriedrich, CEO, Germany Trade& Invest; ThorstenAlsleben, CEO,
Association forMedium-sizedEnterprisesandEconomyofCDU/CSU
GermanAmerican TradeNov/Dec 2014
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