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Sigmar Gabriel, who subsequently
addressed the audience, also
focused on the importance of New
York as an economic center for
German-American startup business
“We can see in New York how tradi-
tional sectors such as logistics and
manufacturing, not tomention the
world’s largest financial center,
have a productive symbiosis with
the startup scene. I am glad that we
can continue this successful
program that we have launched
three years ago in Silicon Valley.
German startups will be given
support here in New York, as they
venture out in the U.S. market.”
In order to ensure a successful
continuation of the German
Accelerator program, Siemens
TTB (Technology to Business)
was introduced as a new
strategic partner and sponsor.
Dr. Sven Scheuble, Head of the
Technology to Business Center at
Siemens Corporate Technology,
highlighted the importance of
partnership between corporates
and startups, as he was greeted by
the Vice-Chancellor.
Even after the official part of the
event had ended, guests stayed at
the Urban Future Lab, to enjoy the
amazing views of the Brooklyn
Bridge andWorld Trade Center
while having the opportunity to
speak to the graduates and repre-
sentatives about the successful start
of the New York City expansion.
DietmarRieg, SigmarGabriel, CarollNeubauer, JoannHalpern, DirkKanngiesser
“I always admired how
startup companies in the
U.S. conduct their business.
It appears that many of them
had to face stormy waters
and sometimes even
capsized. The key thing is
that they did not lose faith
and even after the first or
second set back they did
not give up, but tried again
and brought an even better
business idea to the
Sigmar Gabriel
GermanAmerican TradeNov/Dec 2014
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