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Vice Chancellor Sigmar
Gabriel OpensGerman
he reception desk at the “Urban
Future Lab” in Brooklyn, New
York, is usually not this crowded.
Name tags were quickly handed
over to the numerous guests who
kept filling the office on the 19th
floor of 15Metro Tech Center. Men
in dark suits and ear pieces screened
the surroundings, while caterers set
up the buffet, lights and sound were
checked again and again, and chairs
were set up in the conference room.
Meanwhile, in the back of the tech
incubator office, it was business as
usual. The young entrepreneurs
carried onwith their daily business,
while the location filled with invited
guests. The reasonwhy this was not
a regular Friday in the office was
that the German Accelerator had
invited to celebrate its grand
opening in New York City, welcom-
ing Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel
and high-ranking Government and
industry representatives from
Germany and New York.
The German Accelerator, which
began in Silicon Valley three years
ago, has expanded to New York,
bringing the most promising
German technology startups to the
City. The growth acceleration
programwhich supports German ICT
and Green IT startups and helps
them to gain access to the U.S.
market successfully graduated its
first round of startups in the New
York City location. Tobias Schmidt
from “wywy” and Stephan Herrlich
from “IntraWorlds” proudly present-
ed their certificates of graduation to
guests andmembers of the press.
Shortly after the participants had
been presented with their certifi-
cates, Sigmar Gabriel, Federal
Minister for Economic Affairs and
Energy &Vice Chancellor, made his
way through the crowd and con-
gratulated the German startup
After ameet and greet with the
graduates, the German Accelerator
team took the stage in the confer-
ence room to give feedback on the
successful start of the New York City
expansion. Among the speakers was
also Executive Vice President and
Managing Director for the Center
for Economic Transformation, Eric
Gertler, who underlined the impor-
tance of strong business relations
between New York City and German
"New York City is a global capital of
commerce and culture, and it is
important for our economy that we
encourage partnerships with foreign
partners, businesses, and entrepre-
neurs. By connecting New York
City’s local talent and businesses to
European startups and innovators,
we are strengthening and diversify-
ing New York City’s globally
competitive economy and helping
New Yorkers in all five boroughs."
By JanVater, GACC
TobiasSchmidt (wywy), ElizabethWurm (IntraWorlds Inc.),
StephanHerrlich (IntraWorlds Inc.), JoeRhyne (GermanAccelerator)
GermanAmerican TradeNov/Dec 2014
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