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National Partner
Deufol NorthAmerica
Jan van Bakergem
Kuhlmann Consulting
RCK, Inc.
W H A T ' S O N Y O U R D E S K ?
Guhlen, Spreewald, Germany
Sailing (recently partici-
pated in the 106thRace toMacki-
nac Island), Photography, Sports
May 2007 –December
2011 SeniorManager IndustryMar-
keting at Germany Trade& Invest
(GTAI) inBerlin
In current role since February 2012
T (312) 494-2180
Nadine Schieban
Manager, Events &Marketing
What doyou likebest about your job?
I really like the diversity ofmy job:
Creating concepts for events and projects
from beginning to end, and structuring
the activities and tasks tomake the event
happen. I also enjoy designing creative
Our delegation services have covered
events, from smallerworkshops to
conferences, galas and receptions for
many different industries, aswell as
delegation visits to theU.S. and business
trips toGermany.My job is an exciting
challengewithmuch variety. The greatest
experience, however, is a happy client
after a successful event or delegation and
seeing a client come back.
Most inspiringprojects?
TheHamburg-ChicagoReception on the
occasion of TheHamburgBallet John
Neumeier's Chicago premiere of "Nijinsky"
last yearwas beautiful.
Attendees had the opportunity tomeet
ArtisticDirector andChief Choreographer
Prof. JohnNeumeier during a
reception at theHarris Theater in
Chicago beforewatching the breath-
taking performance. Recently, I
organized the BITGroup's Executive
Dinner andCruise on LakeMichigan.
On board the Chicago Elite, Chicago's
newest luxury yacht, attendees used
the exclusive networking opportunity
in a unique dining atmosphere.
I am very excited about the upcoming
GermanNight Reception on the
occasion of IMTS, Industrial Automa-
tion andMDA onSeptember 9. IMTS
is one of the largest industrial trade
shows in theworld and our reception
will bring together industry profes-
sionals fromGerman, U.S., and global
manufacturing sectors.Most of the
tasks have been completed and
sponsorship is nearly booked out. I
had huge support frommy colleagues.
I am really glad towork in such a
great team and I can¹t wait for IMTS
to start!
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