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n the northeastern part of the
German capital the CleanTech
Business Park (CBP) is currently
being set up andwill be opened in
2015. On the 90-hectare site, ideal
conditions for manufacturers in
clean technology are currently being
created. The EuropeanUnion, the
federal government, the state of
Berlin and the district of Marzahn-
Hellersdorf are investing a total of
nearly 50million euros in site
development. As one of the first
tangiblemajor projects of Berlin‘s
Industrial Master Plan, the CleanTech
Business Park is set to become a
milestone for the development of
future-oriented sectors.
The site is specially designed for
manufacturing companies in the
cleantech sector. The locationwill
have a particular core area desig-
nated for the construction of major
hazard installations as stipulated by
the German Federal Emission Control
Act. This allows almost all industrial
production processes, right in the
center of Berlin. Suppliers and
industry service providers can settle
in the business park “eastside Berlin"
right adjacent to the CBP.
Right from the beginning the District
ofMarzahn-Hellersdorf inBerlin set
highest standards when developing
the business park regarding environ-
mental and biodiversity issues,
amongst others through ecological
construction supervision. Doing so,
the district places special focus on
climate change issues and shows that
economic growth and environmental
protection are not mutually exclusive.
When development measures are
completed, the areawill be open to
companies from the following
industries: renewable energies,
storage technologies, water and
recycling technologies, low-emission
power plants, energy efficiency,
sustainablemobility, rawmaterials
efficiency and green chemistry.
Companies interested in the CBPwill
also be able to take advantage of
excellent transport connections and
very attractive land prices as well as
plots of landwhich are ideal for
large industrial plants. And of
course, Berlin offers a great variety
of universities, research institutes,
associations and other networks to
CleanTechBusiness Park
Berlin's Largest Future Industrial SiteWill Be
a Flagship for Resource-Efficient Production
Areal viewof theCleanTechBusinessPark
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