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ast year, the Center for Communi-
cationsManagement Information
reported that 40% of
enterprises had international mobile
roaming charges that exceeded
$1,000 per user, per month, and 13%
of them reported these same fees
exceeding $3,500 per user, per
month. Numbers like these inevitably
deter professionals from using their
smartphones for international
communications. In fact, 55% of the
enterprises surveyed in this study
have specifically created policies
restricting international mobile
communications. This limits profes-
sionals from using their mobile
devices, bothwhen they’re traveling
abroad andwhen they’re at home
reaching out to international
Restrictivemobile policies, while
oftentimes necessary to curtail huge
wireless bills, have their drawbacks.
For instance, in the same report, 20%
of respondents indicated that
limiting international mobile usage
resulted in lost business opportuni-
ties. And, 25% stated that it caused
their employees lost productivity.
This is why companies have been
seeking awireless solution that will
allow them to ease their international
mobility restrictions so they can
provide their employees the access
they need tomaintain productivity
and facilitate business opportunities.
AMobile Solution for
Companies Like Yours
Truphone provides companies a
mobile solution that compliments the
way they do international business.
The world’s first mobile network
operator without country borders,
Truphone allows up to eight world-
wide numbers to ring a single
Smartphone, with one SIM card and
voicemail. As a GermanAmerican
Chamber of Commercemember, you
could have both a German and US
number on your phone, allowing
your American contacts to reach you
via one and your German contacts
on the other.
Plus, Truphone’s benefits stretch far
beyond Germany. Our wireless plans
can be used across the 66 countries
that represent 82% ofWorld GDP
and include both the world’s 10
largest corporations and top 10 stock
exchanges. With Truphone, you can
talk, text, surf and download using
Finneran,Michael F.; “InternationalMobileCommunications: How toBalanceConnectiv-
ity, ProductivityandCostConcerns”; Center forCommunicationsManagement Information
(CCMI); October 2013.
How often do you communicatewith colleagues and
clients inGermany? Do you restrict your smartphone use
because of the high cost of communicating internationally?
Welcome toaWiderWorld!
GermanAmerican Trade Sep/Oct 2014
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