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services annually flooding this
market, mid-sized businesses must
find smart and cost-efficient ways
to target and build sustainable
visibility with new customers and
business partners.
What Can Be Done?
Our experience in supporting
growing businesses with brand
positioning in the U.S. is that they
tend to underestimate the value of
truly integratedmarketing commu-
nications programs as ameans to
drive market differentiation and
shape the perception of the firm.
Strategic communications programs
– typically including a focused
media relations agenda attuned to
the “noise level” a company desires
to create in the market, a consistent
high-level thought leadership effort
and speaker’s program – are part of
the success. Programs and their
components can vary in scope, but
should always be tailored to firms’
specific business goals, expanding
on solid corporate messaging to
ensure that the firm speaks with
“one voice” to stakeholders:
Businesses, suppliers, employees,
local communities and authorities,
regulators, the media, investors,
etc. Programs ought to be fine-
tuned along the way, as the
business grows and the market
environment changes.
Typically, communications gaps
exist around positioning the firm’s
corporate capabilities and experi-
ence, failure to educate audiences
on vertical industry or market
expertise, and promoting corporate
successes. Meanwhile, building
positive awareness for the firm can
be critical to attracting new busi-
ness partners.
There are proven andmeasurable
benefits to leveraging strategic
communications as ameans to
establishmarket leadership and
carve out amarket niche. Smart
companies will take a pro-active
approach toward devising strategies
and tactics that cost-effectively
support ambitious corporate
marketing and sales goals – at the
time of a firm or product launch,
and as an ongoing effort to build
and protect the corporate brand.
It is fact that it is far more difficult
to correct a firm’s market perception
once key stakeholders have made up
their mind about a firm.
Market differentiation doesn’t happen overnight.
It requires a focused and consistent approach.
About theAuthor
KatrinC. Lieberwirth is a Vice President at
Stanton Public Relations&Marketing, a
full-service strategic public relations firm.
We bring a strong track record in corpo-
rate andfinancial communications, and
deep experiencewithB2B organizations.
We typically act as integrated communi-
cations partner to clients across a broad
spectrum of vertical sectors, with a focus
onmid-size leaders and entrepreneurial
Phone: +1 (646) 502-3548
Stanton Public Relations &Marketing
880 ThirdAvenue
NewYork, NY10022
Phone: +1 (212) 366-5300
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