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not been successful. Number two is a
collective passion and commitment
to the development of our people
within our organization. Lastly, it is
a personal drive for being insanely
customer-centric and always putting
the customer at the center of
everything that we do.
Since you areworking for a
German-owned company, do you
have any connections toGermany?
Absolutely, we have daily,
weekly, monthly, quarterly and
yearly communicationwith our
headquarters in Bonn, Germany. We
are working closelywith our head
office and our global management
board. There is quite a bit of activity
when it comes toworkingwith our
German teams.
What is your vision for
theworld’s leading international
express service provider as head
of the U.S. division?
My vision is one that is
consistent and aligned with our
plan which is called “sources
of growth.” This consists of
doubling our sales force within
the next 18months, as well as
growing our small andmid-size
customer base. In addition,
we want to grow in our current
market share within the U.S. as a
leading international logistics
provider. In the next three to five
years, we are looking to double our
revenue. Finally, our goal is to
become a “great place to work” and
we are working through that
accreditation now.
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