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You have beenwith DHL for
more than 17 years and held
various management positions. In
what way is your new position a
personal challenge?
Mike Parra (MP):
The new role is
a personal challenge, knowing that
my decisions or actions can impact
themore than 6,000 employees that
we have here in the U.S. As a result,
I am always asking if the decisions
we aremaking as a team are in the
best best interests of our customers
and employees.
From a humble childhood in
Florida you haveworked your way
up to the head of the U.S. division
of DHL.What has been the key to
your success in the transportation
I would say that the key tomy
success consists of threemajor
things. Number one is the ability to
bemobile and to accomplish this; I
needed the support that I had from
my family. Without mywife andmy
children being flexible and being
willing to bemobile, I would have
W E L C O M E T O T H E C - S U I T E
InterviewwithMike Parra
CEO of DHL Express, U.S.
IntroducingNewC-Level Executives to the
German-American Business Community
CEOofDHLExpress, U.S.
By: JanVater, GACC
GermanAmerican Trade Sep/Oct 2014
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