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visited the FrankfurtRheinMain
Corp. office. During ameeting
hosted by GACCMidwest, the
Delegationwas introduced to the
work of GACCMidwest in promoting
bilateral trade and investment and
business services whichmany
FrankfurtRheinMain-companies have
usedwhen establishing their
presence in theMidwest. The
Delegation thenmet with Chicago
Mayor Rahm Emanuel to discuss
strengthening the cooperation
between the cities. In 2015, Chicago
will host the Automechanika Trade
Show, organized by Frankfurt Messe,
featuring German innovations in the
automotive industry. Finally, the
Delegation hosted an appreciation
luncheon for Chicago-based compa-
nies that have offices in the Frank-
furt region, including JLL, William
Blair & Company, Lincoln Interna-
tional, UL, andMayer Brown.
Next, the LordMayor and Delegation
traveled to Philadelphia, where they
met withMayor Michael Nutter, and
DeputyMayor AlanGreenberger to
discuss a “sister city” relationship
between the two cities. That evening,
the Delegation hosted a hundred
person reception and panel discus-
sion for Philadelphia companies to
learnmore about the Frankfurt
region. The next day, the Delegation
met with the University of Pennsyl-
vania to build on their existing
partnershipwith the Goethe Univer-
sity in Frankfurt amMain. Finally,
the Delegation hosted an apprecia-
tion luncheon for Philadelphia-based
companies, includingAramark,
DuPont, andMorgan Lewis, that
have offices in the Frankfurt region,
and then took a private tour of the
Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.
Both Chicago and Philadelphia have
large German-American business
communities, served by the business
development professionals at the
GermanAmerican Chambers of
Commerce. However, the Delega-
tion’s visit underscored the impor-
tance of investments by U.S.
companies in Germany, and helped
to educate both business communi-
ties about the opportunities available
in the Frankfurt region.
Left to right: StephenStambaugh, AlfredGollatz, Lindi vonMutius,Mayor Feldmann,
NicolaMichels, CharlesWaldecker, andPeterAlois
MichaelNutter,Mayor of Philadelphiadiscusses
sister citieswithLordMayor Peter Feldmann.
GermanAmerican Trade Sep/Oct 2014
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