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ewYorkCitywas once the
gatekeeper for people from all
across the globewhowere seeking a
newbeginning, opportunities, or a
fresh start in theU.S. Today, the cityof
over 8millionpeople has not lost any
of its attractiveness for young entrepre-
neurswho are seeking to expand their
business across theAtlantic.
Every new beginning in a foreign
country holdsmany obstacles for a
young business. In order to support a
successful market entry for German
startup businesses in the U.S., German
Accelerator Inc. was founded. The
GermanAccelerator is a growth
acceleration program that supports
German startups from ICT-related
sectors. It provides startupswith
hands-onmentoring and office space
at its locations in SiliconValley, San
Francisco, andNewYork City. The
GermanAccelerator identifies and
selects themost promisingGerman
startups and assists them in their
pursuit of becoming category leaders
with lasting competitiveness and
success in the global marketplace. The
accelerator inNewYork is operation-
ally supported byGenesys Partners
and theGermanAmericanChamber
of CommerceNewYork.
“As one of the partners of the
GermanAccelerator program, the
GACCNewYork supports especially
young companies in their efforts to
enter the U.S. market. In addition,
the GACCNYwill initiate its own
short-term program for startups
regarding the U.S. and especially
NewYork City," announces Dietmar
Rieg, President & CEO of the German
American Chamber of Commerce,
Inc. NewYork.
As of July this year, theGerman
Accelerator has started operating its
NewYork City locationwith a
kick-off event at theGermanHouse at
UnitedNations Plaza. Amongstmany
guests and speakerswere the first
three startups that participate in the
program at theNewYork City facility.
ArashHoushmand, founder of
Contigua, states: “The U.S. is the
biggest consumermarket in theworld
and adapts quickly to innovation. In
order to grow our business and
improve our product we had to
expand into thismarket. TheGerman
Accelerator gave us the opportunity
to take this important step. A
companywithout customers is not a
company and inNewYorkwe have
access to themajor consumer brands
in theworld.” Contigua is the provider
of 10stamps. 10stamps enables
restaurants, hotels and service
companies to improve their customer
loyalty by offering a digital loyalty or
punch card.
Intraworlds is a leading provider of
innovative talent relationship
management and corporate alumni
solutions. “Our keymarket consists of
professional service firms. NewYork
is the perfect location for our
business. Not only canwe benefit
from the proximity to customers, but
wewill also have access to the diverse
human capital in the city,” said
StephanHerrlich, founder of Intra-
worlds. He further added: “Many
opportunitiesmean there is also a
large base of competitors.We look
forward toworking in such a
competitive environment that
Taking a Bite out of the BigApple
InnovativeGerman Startups Accelerate inNew York’s SiliconAlley
By:Wolf-DietrichBraun, IHKBerlin& JanVater, GACC
MYKITAShop inNewYorkCity
GermanAmerican Trade Sep/Oct 2014
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