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Frankfurt, Germany
T 646-437-1016
GACCNew York
Project Manager, Trade Show
Services GACCNew York, Inc.
National Partners
Shop Floor System, LLC
van Eyl, Inc
WP StBAntonBergmann
What do you like the
best about your job?
My job in the U.S. Representative
Office of MesseMünchen Interna-
tional is mainly visitor marketing
for all trade shows of our portfolio.
Besides that, I am also taking care
of the “opti show" concerning U.S.
exhibitors and visitors. I really enjoy
working at the interface between
MesseMünchen inGermany and
U.S. exhibitors, visitors andmedia
partners. Communicatingwith all
these groups on a daily basis makes
my job rich in variety and excite-
ment. The different industries
and characteristics make strategic
communication planning for every
trade show unique.
Whichwas themost fun project
you’veworked on?
We just added the “opti show," the
international trade fair for optics and
design, into our trade show portfolio.
Our ExhibitionDirector fromGermany
and I went on a tour throughNew
York City visiting important optical
shops and talking to peoplewho have
been in the industry for a long time.
Furthermore, we visited theVision
Expo East show, which is the competi-
tive show for optics & design in the
U.S. It was such a great experience to
get to know a new industry.
What’s themost exciting
project coming up for you?
Next year we have to prepare and
do the communication planning for
the shows in 2016. Our shows have
different frequencies; about 15 of
them are going to take place in 2016,
including our biggest shows “bauma"
and “electronica." It is a great
challenge tomanage themarketing
simultaneously. Especially the bauma
show is going to be very interesting
as it is the biggest showworldwide
in that industry.
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