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C BayernMunich is one of the
most successful soccer clubs in
the world. According to a study
conducted by Brand Finance in 2014,
FC BayernMunich is also themost
valuable soccer brand in the world of
football. From a performance
perspective, FC Bayern
Munich finished the
2013/2014 season in
place in the
official UEFA club
FC BayernMunich
was founded by eleven
soccer players in 1900,
and since then has grown into
themost successful outfit inGerman
soccer history, havingwon a record
number of 24 national champion-
ships and 16 national cups. With five
European Cup titles, FC Bayern
Munich is one of the big players in
European soccer, and in the 2012/13
season, FC BayernMunich became
the first German team in soccer
history towin the continental treble
consisting of the Champions League,
the German Bundesliga and the
German domestic cup. Subsequently,
inDecember 2013, Bayern alsowon
the FIFA ClubWorld Cup.
With 240,509members (April 2014),
Bayern is the second-biggest
sports club in the world
regarding numbers, with
more than 278,000 fan
clubmembers orga-
nized in 3,699 officially
enrolled FC Bayern
Munich fan clubs all
over the world. Studies
from Repucom in 2013
showed that more than 292
million people all over the world are
at least interested in FC Bayern
Munich, 15million of them in the
United States.
In order to identify and engage with
these 15million people in the United
States, inApril 2014 FC Bayern
established a presence in the United
States with a permanent office in
NewYork City on Lexington
Avenue. The aim is to raise the
awareness of the FC Bayern
Munich brand in the USA by
building andmaintaining
media relationships,
supporting soccer related
grassroots projects and initiating
events and campaigns together with
partners and fan clubs.
FCBayern’s last visit to the United
States was in 2004. As part of its U.S.
tour in the summer of 2014, present-
ed byAudi, FCBayernwill play two
matches onU.S. soil. On July 31, the
teamwill face Chivas Guadalajara at
the Red Bull Arena inNew Jersey in
the Audi Football Summmit. In
addition, the teamwill also take part
in theMLSAllstar Game onAugust 6
in Portland, OR.
FCBayernMünchen LLC
TheAllianzArena inMunich
Opens New York CityOffice
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