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someone elsewill. Consumers want
to be taken seriously. And if they are
interested they consider following
you (and not vice versa!) and get
customized information.
Which brings us to advertising
and communications. Media use
has changed dramatically in the
last decade. Not only has the time
spent in differentmedia channels
changed in favor of digital media.
It is also the parallel use of several
devices that demands a different
approach to communications.
Themost important question though
is how to interest a consumer in your
messages at all. Every consumer
comes across thousands of brands
every day on several media channels.
Therefore it’s hard for a brand to get
through to the consumer.
It’s not that they are not interested in
brands at all. Far from it. There are
brands on Facebook that are followed
bymillions of fans. But to really get
their attention and interest you have
to create communication platforms
that deliver interesting and relevant
content around your brand.
One of themost successful examples
was the “RedBull Stratos” campaign
with FelixBaumgartner jumping from
a helium balloon in the stratosphere.
200 TV stationswere broadcasting
worldwide, the jump had a live stream
onYouTubewith over 50million
users in total and the number of
shares and comments on social media
networkswere countless. It all added
up to an advertising value for Red
Bull of $1.3 billion. Plus, “RedBull
Stratos”was not only a spectacular
event in itself, itmatchedRedBull’s
coremessage “RedBull gives you
wings” perfectly.
Another example is the BMW i3. It is
not only a new car but a contempo-
rary urbanmobility concept. During
the development phase BMW commu-
nicatedwith interested consumers
through blogs and social media.
Drivers don’t want one-dimensional
apps – theywant their apps to support
othermeans of transportation aswell.
BMW’s own venture capital company
“BMW i ventures” supports the
development of newmobility services
(e.g. EmbarcNYC, DriveNow). Of
course BMW placed print ads and TV
commercials in classical media to
announce the launch of the car. But
the big difference is that communica-
tion and customer relationship
management have become amajor
part of the product. Needless to say,
the navigation systemBMW i
ConnectedDrive is one of themost
advanced systems on themarket.
The digital age offers unlimited
opportunities. On the one hand,
technology cangive your product an
upgrade to ahigher andmore innova-
tive level of functionality and service.
Andon the other hand, digitalmedia
channels enable companies tobroad-
cast their own content and stay in
touchwith their customersmore easily.
You just have to connect the dots.
About theAuthor
Rainer Kunst is the founder andCEO
of the Kunst undKollegen commu-
nications agency inNewYork and
240Kent, Brooklyn, NY11211
FelixBaumgartner jumping from the stratosphere
BMW i3print commercial
Copyrights: BMWAG, RedBull, Google
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