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oogleMaps is one ofmy favorite
apps - especially inNewYork
City.Whether you drive, go by train
or walk, you are able to select one of
several routes, get real-time traffic
updates and enjoy an easy and
uncomplicated user interface. Simple,
fast, straightforward.
It’s the exact opposite of a navigation
system – even in premium cars.
Endless loading, a terrible user
interface, routes that don’tmake sense
and traffic news updated every hour
only. Nowonder carmanufacturers
likeAudi, GeneralMotors, Hyundai,
Mercedes Benz and Toyota join
forceswithGoogle andApple.
This however could become a problem
for carmanufacturers in the future.
Google andApple have an innovation
capacity carmanufacturers can only
dream of. Today’s smart cars are able
to talk to each other. Car companies
cannow zero in on these simultane-
ously transmitted data and develop a
multitude of business ideaswith these
new technologies inmind. Entirely
new carsmight be the result. Google
is alreadyworking on it.
As amatter of fact even industries
that have been able to run their
multi-billion dollar businesseswithout
disturbance for the last decades feel
the pressure of the digital age. Aereo
for example is
shaking up the TV broadcasting
market by offering an internet-based
service that has TV and cable
companies up in arms. Somuch so
that it landedAereo in front of the
Supreme Court.
Why? Because they try to offer
a clever, consumer-oriented
and reasonably-priced service.
It’s as simple as that.
Every industry is affected. That’swhy
you should take a look at your
products and services.What’s really
unique about them?Do consumers
love them?Are consumers satisfied
with the service and communications
you offer around your products?Do
consumers recommend your product
to their friends?Are theywilling to
paymore for your product than for
your competitor’s products?
Did you answer all of these questions
with a yes? Not very likelywe
assume but good for you if you did.
And if you didn’t? You should start
working on it right away. Put the
consumer in the center of your
considerations. If youwon’t,
Why dowe have to connect technology and creativity to increase
the loyalty of our customers?Why is contentmarketingnot only a
buzzword but a chance to get a higher level of attention?What is
the key to successful brandmanagement? Insights by Rainer Kunst,
CEO of Kunst undKollegen communicationsNew York andDüsseldorf.
ByRainerKunst, KunstundKollegen
How Brandswill
Succeed in the Digital Age
GermanAmerican Trade July/Aug 2014
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