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is Chicago Sister City International’s
Chicago-Hamburg Committee, which
is doing an exemplary job at
fostering business and communal ties
between the cities. With a company
network encompassing big players as
well as hidden champions, Chicago
and Hamburg can rely on a vibrant
transatlantic economic framework.
Our Chicago Hamburg Business
Forum event series is a prime
example for the strong economic ties
between our cities.
To honor the 20th anniversary of
this successful sister city relation-
ship, the annual MERLINAwards
Gala 2014was centered on the work
of the Chicago-Hamburg sister city
relationship. Since 1994, the
dynamic partnership between these
two international business centers
has become a key link for German-
American business in theMidwest.
The partnership aims at promoting
the global cities, developing interna-
tional partnerships and networks,
and sharing best practices through
citizen-to-citizen connections.
Special guests of the night, Prof.
Rolf Achilles (Sister City Committee)
and Helmuth Frahm (Exchange
Program Coordinator) shared
interesting insights into the work of
the Sister City Committee and a
school exchange program preparing
students for a transatlantic career.
Major cooperative initiatives of the
Sister City Committee focus on
sports, e.g. through themany soccer
exchanges, as well as the arts,
e.g. with a performance of the
Hamburg Ballet - JohnNeumeier.
The collegiate exchange between
Hamburg G18 and Robert Morris
University allows students to gain
international working experience and
has proven to be a stepping stone for
successful careers abroad. The
MERLINAwards Gala, whichwas
preceded by a popular Silent
Auction, also featured a performance
by a Beatles tribute band for another
special reference to Hamburg.
GACCMidwest is excited tomove
the sister city relationship forward in
the future, building on our long-
lasting partnershipwithHamburg
Marketing, the Hamburg Chamber of
Commerce and both great cities of
Hamburg and Chicago.
“The 2014MERLINAwards Galawas a great success.
We are proud to have such an engaged audience and look forward
tomore excellence, growth, and innovation among our companies,”
Simone Pohl
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