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smoothly and efficientlywithout the
support of all our service providers.
With their uniquely transatlantic
service concept, Baumann Consulting
was honoredwith the 2014MERLIN
Award for Outstanding Service
Provider. Baumann Consulting
specializes in sustainability and engi-
neering consulting services for the
entire life cycle of buildings, starting
with energy audits and feasibility
studies, the development and
evaluation of design concepts,
through commissioning, M&V and
monitoring of the performance of
buildings and systems. In their
approach, Baumann combines
German qualitywithAmerican
innovation to advance the building
industry on both sides of the
Atlantic, with the goal of becoming a
nationally-recognized brand for
energy efficiency and sustainability.
Baumann actively engages in this
transatlantic knowledge exchange to
advance the high-performance
building industry, sharing innova-
tions and best practices from their
over 200 projects with peers and
partners in the sector.
Excellent Vocational
Training in theMidwest
Given the great relevance of skilled
workforce, GACCMidwest dedicated
one of its 2014MERLINAwards to
education. With their innovative
approach to dual education, the
MichiganAdvanced Technician
Training Program (MAT²®) was
honoredwith theMERLINAward for
Excellence in Vocational Training.
is an innovative and industry-
defined approach to education
benchmarked on the German Dual
Education System, which has
attracted national attention. MAT
combines classroom instructionwith
paidwork experience in a three-year
program inwhich businesses partner
with community colleges to train the
next generation of industry-leading
technicians, whowill be
certified following both the
highest German and U.S.
standards. Initiated in 2012
with the pilot mechatronics
program launched in 2013,
is truly the first of its
kind in the U.S., following
the Germanmodel orga-
nized by a consortium of
the state of Michigan,
companies, and community
colleges. Startingwith two
community colleges and 11 compa-
nies, this public-private partnership
is poised for a dramatic expansion in
2014, adding new companies, new
community colleges, new training
areas, and aiming tomore than
triple the number of participating
These three awardwinners definitely
paint a very promising picture for the
future of German-American business.
“All thesewinners emphasize the
dynamic potential of both the
German subsidiaries in the U.S., as
well as the growth and attractiveness
of our region,” says Simone Pohl,
President &CEO of GACCMidwest.
Strong Business
Between Sister Cities
Transatlantic relationships benefit
from various types of partnerships,
ranging from business to culture to
sports. International sister cities play
a key role in fostering these relation-
ships. One excellent example of this
RolfAchilles (Chairmanof theChicagoHamburgSisterCityCommittee) andHelmuthFrahm
(Coordinator for theExchangeProgrambetweenCollegeG18 inHamburgandRobertMorris
University inChicago)withGACCMidwestPresident&CEOSimonePohl andVPMarkTomkins
GermanAmerican Trade July/Aug 2014
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