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For example, in agriculture,
spectral data can identify important
details within the crops, including
things like relative water content,
nitrogen levels, and the amount
of chlorophyll.
“The improved spectral resolution
compared to what is currently
available, combined with the unique
platform and orbit of the ISS, gives
MUSES the potential to transform
the analysis and availability of
imagery for industries like maritime
environmental awareness, oil and
gas exploration and forestry,” said
John Horack, TBE Vice President,
Space Systems.
Teledyne and DLR expect DESIS to
be operational onMUSES in early
2016. MUSES is currently being
developed by Teledyne under a
cooperative agreement with NASA.
Teledyne Brown Engineering,
Inc., a subsidiary of Teledyne
Technologies Incorporated, is a
full-spectrum engineering and
advancedmanufacturing company
providing full lifecycle development
from concept definition to produc-
tion with locations in the United
States and the United Kingdom.
The company has a rich heritage
in developing complex systems for
space, missile defense, energy and
other challengingmarkets.
Official signingof theTBE-DLR Implemen-
tationAgreement to formalize their
commercial space imagingpartnership.
FromL toR: Prof. Dr. Johann-Dietrich
Worner, CEO&PresidentDLRGerman
AerospaceCenter andChairmanof the
ExecutiveBoard, Dr. JohnHorack, Vice
President for SpaceSystems Teledyne
BrownEngineering, andProf.Hansjörg
Dittus, DLRExecutiveBoardMember for
ArtisticRenderingof TeledyneBrown's
MultiUser System for EarthSensing
(MUSES) platformandhosted
instruments externallymountedon the
International SpaceStation
“The signing of this agreement places Teledyne, TBE, and DLR at the
forefront of the commercial use of the International Space Station,”
Robert Mehrabian,
Chairman, President andCEO of Teledyne
Formore information:
Contact Laurie Provin,
TBEManager of Commercial
Partnerships at 256.726.1024
GermanAmerican Trade July/Aug 2014
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