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nMay of 2014, leaders from the
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
and Teledyne Brown Engineering
(TBE) joined together at the ILA
Berlin Air Show to formalize their
agreement to expand and enhance
the commercial use of the ISS.
Under the agreement DLR will build
the DLR Earth Sensing Imaging
Spectrometer (DESIS), a hyperspec-
tral instrument that will be inte-
grated onto Teledyne’s ISS-based
imaging platform, the Multi-User
System for Earth Sensing (MUSES).
MUSES will be externally attached
to the ISS in late 2015 and will
have the capability of hosting
DESIS, along with up to three other
Earth-observing instruments.
“MUSES is a further step toward
using the ISS for Earth observation.
At the same time, it is a milestone
in the international cooperation
between DLR and an American
industrial partner, Teledyne
Brown,” said Professor Dr. Johann-
DietrichWörner, CEO and President
of the DLR German Aerospace
Center and Chairman of the
Executive Board.
“The signing of this agreement
places Teledyne, TBE, and DLR at
the forefront of the commercial use
of the International Space Station,”
said Robert Mehrabian, Chairman,
President and Chief Executive
Officer of Teledyne. “We look
forward to collaborating with
DLR and applying our combined
expertise tomaximize the unique-
ness of the MUSES platform and
the DESIS instrument.”
The DESIS instrument will be
capable of imaging the Earth in the
wavelength range from the visible
through the near infrared – a part
of the electromagnetic spectrum
that can’t be seen by the naked
eye. DLRwill use the precise
spectral data for scientific research
in atmospheric physics and
Earth sciences.
Teledyne, on the other hand, will
use the data from instruments
integrated ontoMUSES for com-
mercial and humanitarian purposes
and is in discussions with compa-
nies interested in hosting an
instrument onMUSES and others
who have applications for the data.
AnAmerican aerospace company has teamedwithDLR to
use the International Space Station (ISS) for commercial
Earth imaging. This agreementwill deliver Earth images
from space, providing awhole new view of ourworld.
Teledyne Brown Engineering and
theGerman AerospaceCenter (DLR)
FormalizeCommercial Space
Imaging Partnership
GermanAmerican Trade July/Aug 2014
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