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production and expanded R&D
capabilities, bolstering the company’s
presence inNorthAmerica.
The expansion is an investment
in all BYK customers as it ensures
a global supply, provides them
with awider range of locally
produced products, reduced lead
times and optimized overall
delivery performance.
BYK offersmore than 560 products in
its full portfolio, and before this
investment BYKUSAwas able to
produce about 50 percent, or 280, of
those products. Now, withmore than
double the production capacity, BYK
USA is producing about 90 percent of
the full product line here in the U.S.
In addition to enhancing their
customer experience, ALTANA and
BYK are very focused on being a
good corporate citizen. Expanding
the facility and production capabili-
ties in the BYKUSA headquarters in
Wallingford, Connecticut, brings
dozens of jobs to the community and
helps build the local economy.
Dirk Plas, President of BYKUSA,
attributes the success and growth of
theWallingford facility to the culture
of BYK’s parent company, ALTANA:
“Knowing and living our corporate
values enables us tomove cohesively
toward our goals. These values—
Trust, Openness, Appreciation and
Empowerment—help provide direc-
tion, clarify expectations and build
the framework for employees to
effectively perform and succeed.”
Innovating for the Future
Dr. Wolfgruber believes that “R&D is
the lifeblood of our business. If you
want a differentiated position, you
need to constantly invent better-
performing and differentiated
solutions.” This is the reasonwhy
more than 900 of their employees,
15 percent of the total global staff
population, work exclusively in R&D.
ALTANAworks to encourage its
researchers to anticipate customer
needs and towork just like entrepre-
neurs, as they believe theywill
remain successful if they stay close
to their customers.
With this emphasis on innovation,
ALTANA aims tomore than double
worldwide sales to $4.5 billion by
2020with returns on sales continu-
ing to stay above 18 percent.
To ensure that ALTANA is at
the forefront of innovation, they
have a clear value-added specialty
strategy. This strategy is clearly
working for them.
Expansionof theBYKFacility inWallingford, Connecticut
GermanAmerican Trade July/Aug 2014
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