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“BASF strongly supports the launch of negotiations
to pursue the Transatlantic Trade and Investment
Partnership (TTIP), a free trade agreement with
the European Union.”
Hans Engel, Chairman and CEO of BASF
watering down of existing legisla-
tion (e.g. REACH, EU GMO legisla-
tion). It means avoiding duplication
(short run) and a close cooperation
between regulators in the long-
term approximation of rules and
Successful negotiations will
hopefully overcome hurdles on
both sides of the Atlantic and
improve perceptions in favor of the
Transatlantic Trade and Investment
Partnership and therefore positively
impact the business climate for
German Firms in the U.S.
T-Mobile TakesOffwith 4.4M
New Customers
InMay 2013, T-Mobile USA, Inc.
andMetroPCS Communications, Inc.
joined forces and combined the two
companies under the T-Mobile
brand. Since the merger, some 4.4
million new subscribers signed with
T-Mobile. CEO John Legere’s
“un-carrier” strategy proved to be
highly successful, which the GACCs’
Top 50 Ranking confirms.
T-Mobile revealed that it has earned
total revenue of $26.1 billion in
2013 as a whole, a 5.3% increase in
comparison to 2012. In addition, the
combined T-Mobile andMetroPCS
revenue of 2013 is about $6.3
billion higher than T-Mobile’s
standalone revenue of 2012, which
puts the company on position 3 of
the ranking, replacing Siemens USA
T-Mobile continues tomake bold
moves. Before themerger, MetroPCS
was a cell phone provider offering
affordable plans without the burden
of a contract. And recently, T-Mobile
announced that it would be the first
major provider to be eliminating
contracts altogether.
The “un-carrier” campaign currently
offers customers who are with a
different provider to pay their early
termination fees up to $300, upon
migrating to T-Mobile. Last year,
about 2.4million new customers
took that offer andmade the
switch, which contributed to the
company’s success.
The trend continues to look positive
for the company. T-Mobile sold 6.2
million smartphones in the last
quarter of 2013 alone, 91% of all
smartphones it sold last year.
It was also revealed that T-Mobile
will purchase 700MHz A-Block
spectrum licenses fromVerizon for
$2.4 billion. As a result of this,
more than 158million people would
benefit from improved low-band
spectrum, the carrier states. The
acquisition is expected to conclude
by the end of Q2 2014.
HansEngel, ChairmanandCEOofBASF
GermanAmerican TradeMay/June 2014
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