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Welcome, NewMembers!
W H A T ' S O N Y O U R D E S K ?
What doyou likebest about your job?
My role as theManager of the Career
Services (CS) program affordsme the
opportunity to support a diverse range
of companies in recruitment projects.
As someonewho is rather gregarious by
nature, I enjoy the constant interaction
withbothmy clients aswell as jobseek-
ers fromdifferent industries, functions
and seniority levels. I am constantly
learning about new industries through
my recruitmentwork and it is a great
feeling tobring together companies and
talentedprofessionals at the endof the
searchprocess. The unique opportunity
towork in a trulybilingual and
bicultural environment and the ability
toworkwith and learn from colleagues
withvariedbackgrounds is also
something I really enjoy.
Whichwas themost funproject
I frequently have the chance to
speak to students atMidwestern
universities about thework of
GACCMidwest in supporting transat-
lantic business and about career
opportunities in this area. It is exciting
to see the students’ high level of
enthusiasm for ‘all things German’ and
also the strong interest inworking for
German companies from these young
professionalswho represent the future
leaders inGerman-American business.
What’s themost exciting
upcomingproject for you?
Beyond providing recruitment support,
the Career Services program also
organizes quarterlyHR Executive
Circles, which bring together HR
Managers andDirectors from our
Member companies for peer-to-peer
networking and feature guest speakers
on a range of ‘hot topics’ inHuman
Resources.We are currently organizing
the next event on the topic of Talent
Acquisition Trends & Strategies.
I am looking forward to learning about
new developments in recruiting from
our expert speaker and exchanging
experiences and best practiceswith
St. Louis, MO
Master of Arts in
European Studies, University of
Bachelor of Science inBusiness
Administration, St. Louis University
Career at GACCMidwest:
Trainee from 2006-2008, helped
to establishCS program. In current
role since June 2011
T 312-644-3369
Justin Flaxbart
Manager, Career Services
National Partners
Endale Engida, P.E., P.Eng.
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