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has highly specialized local teams
supported by aGlobal Functions team
and a Shared Service Center. Finance
teamsworkmore andmore in virtual
teams, and the CFO is conducting this
virtual environment. SAP Finance is
running 100% on SAP Software.We
are always our first client.We have
many customers visiting our shared
services center to understand howwe
transformed the finance function.
CloudComputing is becom-
ingmore andmore relevant. Can
you explain a bit more how cloud
computing helps small andmid-
sized companies?
Cloud computing brings state
of the art software applications and
data analysis. For small andmid-
sized companies, Cloud computing
also has significant cost and liquidity
benefits, allowing these companies to
develop sophisticated data processing
and computingwithout a large
overhead. Instead of paying a fortune
upfront for software, hardware,
infrastructure, and investing in IT
staff to operate complex IT environ-
ments, these companies can use SAP
Cloud solutions based on subscrip-
tion pricing. The Cloud can run all
software products – from sales to
HR to social media – as one business
solution, and Cloud software runs
with state of the art data security
and industry best practices.
For example, using SAP Cloud for
Sales, one of ourmid-sized clients
was able to coordinate regional sales
teams whowere each talking to a
customer independently. The sales
reps could use an app on their iPad to
coordinate proposals and discuss
customer needs. Now a sales rep can
meet with a customer about one
product, and bring along a spare part
for another product that the customer
needs. The customers were very
impressed, and this company saw an
increase in sales and increased
market penetration. Our goal is to tai-
lor Cloud software to the individual
client, so that any sized company can
get that competitive advantage.
W E L C O M E T O T H E C - S U I T E
Cloudcomputing fromanywhere!
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GermanAmerican TradeMay/June 2014
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