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Gold certified green building, and just
behindMr. Noack’s office is a garden
that company employees tend to grow
produce for a local food bank.
AsAerzenmoves into 21st Century
manufacturing, it continues to plan its
growthwith these two concepts in
mind. Recently, the Coatesville facility
became a competency center for a
new line of Turbo products. The
Aerzen Turbo blower relies on
advanced electronic components, and
offers greater energy efficiency to its
users. For example, instead of a
standard electricmotor, the turbo line
uses amuchhigher-speed permanent
magnet design on air bearings.
The sophistication of the “Turbo” line
requiresworkerswho are trainednot
only inmachine assembly, but who
are also knowledgeable about
electro-mechanical assemblies.
Buchner adds, “One glance at the
components in the assembly area, and
one can see that thesemachines are
more intricate; and require specialized
skills in order to build, test, and
maintain.” RalfWeiser,Manager
Inside Sales andProjectManagement,
says, “Themanufacturing industry is
realizing that we need to bridge the
gap between electrical andmechanical
manufacturing. This gapneeds to be
filled by educators andmanufacturers,
andwe are trying to bridge that gap
here.We areworkingwith our local
manufacturing alliance to create a
‘Learn and Earn’ program that allows
students towork but also earn a
degreewithout incurring a lot of
student debt.”
Employing both the concepts of
sustainability and social responsibility,
Aerzen plans to grow aworkforce that
canhandle the demands of future
innovations in its products, and also
positively impact its community.
AerzenUSA’sproduction facility featuring “LeanManufacturingCells”
PierreNoack, CEOofAerzenUSA
AerzenScrewCompressor components
GermanAmerican TradeMay/June 2014
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