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to soccer. The company has been an
innovator in this field for decades
and is the official partner and
sponsor of the FIFAWorld Cup until
the year 2030. A growing demand
for sports equipment globally and
athletes’ signature products boost-
ing sales made the companies
expand in order tomeet every
athlete’s needs. From soccer to
basketball, from running to golf,
both companies offer a variety of
professional sports equipment in all
areas and price categories.
In the U.S., the running equipment
market is a $3-billion business.
So far, Adidas has not been the
top choice for runners in the U.S.
Only a fraction of runners trust the
established German brandwhen it
comes to their preference of running
gear, which ranks Adidas not even in
the top five for this market segment.
In order to gain a stronger position
in this race, Adidas puts technology
forward. “Boost cushioning” foam
came out of the company’s innova-
tion lab in Portland, Oregon, and
was created to change themarket for
running shoes. Released late last
year, it is too early to tell if the new
technologywill gainmarket shares
for Adidas.
This summer, the rivalry between
Adidas and Nike seems to be
in favor of the German company
– at the FIFAWorld Cup in Brazil.
Adidas is the main sponsor of
the global event and produces
the official game ball “Brazuca”,
which also has its own Twitter
account with over 100,000
followers. Germany and reigning
world champion Spain are playing
in jerseys made by the company
in Herzogenaurach, Germany.
In contrast, Nike was able to
sponsor 10 out of the 32 teams
in the tournament, which puts
the company ahead of its rival.
When it comes to the latest tech-
nology, both companies have
introduced an ultra-light knitted
upper material for their soccer
footgear, which was well received
by many athletes.
On Thursday, June 26, 2014,
Germany wearing Adidas is going
to play the U.S. sporting Nike in the
first round of theWorld Cup. The
outcome of the game might be a
good forecast as to whether the
2014 world champion is going to be
in a jersey displaying three stripes
or the “Swoosh” logo.
Beaverton, Oregon, USA
Leather isa thingof thepast -Nikeuses its
wovenuppermaterial “Flyknit” for thefirst
timeona soccer cleat for theworldcup.
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