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in his/her business provided by the
Lufthansa HelpAlliance, an organi-
zation set up by Lufthansa employ-
ees globally to helpwith social
projects. The best participants will
furthermore receive regular follow-
upmentoring tomaximize the
camp's impact.
SimoneMenne, member of the
LufthansaManagement Board,
compliments the initiators of the
project, reporting, “I am very
impressedwith how young Lufthansa
employees pull such a great project
together with the support of the Help
Alliance Network. This not only
helps the suffering people inHaiti
but also shows how greatly engaged
our colleagues at Lufthansa are.”
Susanne Gellert, Director Legal
and Consulting at the German
American Chamber of Commerce
NewYork, will also support the
program by serving as a volunteer
speaker inHaiti.
At themoment a cooperationwith
the local Quisqueya University is
under discussion. A partneringwould
strengthen the roots to the local
community and ensure a sustainable
base for the future.
Even though all speakers volunteer
and pay for their own flights and
accommodation, certain costs have
to be covered externally. This step
will be tackled by the project now.
A proper car and driver to be able to
go around Haiti is necessary as are
proper facilities for the workshop to
take place. Therefore, the team setup
a crowdfunding campaignwith the
goal of raising $5,000 here:
Furthermore, sponsoring also exists
for companies which promises quite
a lot of publicity through the global
press interest gained by the project.
In addition local entrepreneurship
has been found to be themost cost
efficient way to help struggling
economies. Therefore, a comparably
small sponsoring sum can already
have a huge social impact!
GermanAmerican TradeMay/June 2014
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