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aiti has long suffered from
external and internal disasters.
Themassive earthquake on January
10, 2010 killedmore than 200.000
people. Haiti has long been a
struggling nation. Today, after the
support of countless NGOs in the
immediate aftermath of this particu-
lar disaster the country is still far
from being an economic success
story. The lack of basic business
skills and a deeply engrained cultural
belief linking entrepreneurial success
with family background are two
core factors holding back the new
creation of jobs throughout the
local economy.
In July 2013, Jude V.P. Tranquille,
founder of Devoted Servants Haiti,
shared this insight at the Rotary
Youth LeadershipAwards North
America Conference inWashington
D.C., JanHolz, working for Lufthan-
sa inNYC and amember of Rotary
Wall Street, immediately felt inspired
andwas determined to help tackle
these structural issues. Quickly, the
idea of an entrepreneurship summer
camp emerged.
Over the next fewmonths the team
grew through a number of volunteers
from all around the world including
Germany, Haiti, the United States,
the United Kingdom and Singapore.
All were united by the goal of
helping Haiti find a new economic
development path by enabling the
Haitian young entrepreneurs to reach
their full potential.
Today, the project team has designed
the overall curriculum. A range of
international speakers have already
volunteered to fly to Haiti and hold
intense sessions to help these
businesses get off the ground. The
entire campwill be conducted as a
2-week intensive workshop program.
During this period, each of the 25
participants will be requested to
create his/her own business plan. The
participant then can convince the
committee of the feasibility of his/
her business andwill have the
opportunity to receive an investment
andWallstreet Rotary
Support Haiti Entrepreneurs
A group of Lufthansa employees and RotaryWallstreetmembers are coordinating
an entrepreneurship camp inHaiti this summer to help local entrepreneurs get off
the ground. This will provide significant employment and development opportuni-
ties for Haiti fromwithin the country, reducing dependency on foreign aid.
From left: JudeV.P., founderDevotedServants, JanHolz, Lufthansa ITProjectManager,
DominqueBazin, President ofRotaryClubDelmasAeroporteand T. Getho,member of
by JanHolz, Lufthansa
GermanAmerican TradeMay/June 2014
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