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One of Bilfinger Tepsco’s longstand-
ing clients is Enterprise Products
Partners, a leading North American
provider of midstream energy
services. Bilfinger Tepsco is primary
contractor for the company’s plant in
Mont Belvieu, Texas, and has been
involved with Enterprise Products’
fractioning activities for over a
decade, transitioning from one
capital project to another.
Another example of Bilfinger’s
extensive presence in North America
is Bilfinger Westcon in North Dakota,
a company that was recently
acquired and is active in piping and
steel construction as well as plant
assembly, maintenance and repairs.
It has provided assembly services
and piping construction in Fort
Dodge, Iowa for CJ BIO America.
The company produces lysine, an
amino acid that is used in feed for
poultry and swine. The factory is
designed to produce more than
100,000 metric tons per year. For M3
Midstream LLC (“Momentum”) which
provides oil and gas producers with
flexible, responsive midstream
services, Bilfinger Westcon has
assumed the role of general contrac-
tor for the construction of a gas
fractioning plant in Scio, Ohio. The
construction consists of a fractioning
train, inlet area and all the storage
and transportation facilities. The
scope of work includes civil, struc-
tural, piping, mechanical, electrical,
and instrumentation work. Bilfinger
is involved in constructing these
types of gas processing plants in
various shale gas areas for example
in Ohio, Texas and North Dakota.
Bilfinger Industrial Services Inc. in
Ballwin, Missouri, builds, maintains
and modernizes production plants
for clients like Procter & Gamble,
Weyerhaeuser and BASF. The
company is specialized in providing
turnkey solutions which demand
particularly close interdisciplinary
coordination. Its teams are perma-
nently on site and cooperate inten-
sively with their clients. Sustainabil-
ity is a key element of
the company’s understanding and
strongly promoted at the sites.
Technology for
the Energy Sector
Bilfinger also provides services for the
energy-generating industry. It designs
and builds power plant components
and maintains and extends their
service lives. The main focus is on
German American Trade Mar/Apr 2014
A Bilfinger Tepsco employee conducts maintenance work at a gas plant in Mont Belvieu, TX.
Bilfinger Westcon at work, installing a
piping system in Iowa in December 2012.
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