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German American Trade Mar/Apr 2014
W H A T ' S O N Y O U R D E S K ?
What do you like best about
your work at GACC West?
As a Project Manager for Communi-
cations, Membership, and Events, my
daily routine is very versatile, from
updating the website, designing
flyers and writing articles to support-
ing our members. My main task
alone, organizing events, offers a
broad work scope. We cover a wide
range of formats, from small business
briefings to big conferences and gala
dinners. We also work together with
clients from a variety of industries,
such as renewable energies, design,
energy efficiency and IT. There’s
always the opportunity to learn
something new about the various
industries, to get to know many
different companies – and to give
them a platform to network.
What was the most fun
project you’ve worked on?
We’ve organized plenty of exciting
events in the past years, but my
personal favorite was the GACC
Oktoberfest 2013. We created an
authentic beer tent atmosphere with
traditional Blasmusik, Bavarian
dancers, original Oktoberfest rock
songs and delicious German food and
beer. Our Oktoberfest in San Fran-
cisco felt just like the real one in
Munich! It was nice to bring my
hometown culture to San Francisco
and thus foster transatlantic ties.
What are your upcoming projects?
In April, we will bring a delegation
of German solar companies seeking
to enter the U.S. market to Arizona
and New Mexico. We are organizing
a conference and arranging business
partner meetings for these compa-
nies. In May, we are hosting our 3rd
annual White Asparagus Gala Dinner,
which is one of our signature events.
Whether at a conference, roundtable
or gala dinner, we try to help
companies connect with each other,
find potential business partners and
foster our German-American
business network. It’s always nice to
see valuable collaborations emerge
from our events!
Munich, Germany
Career @ GACC:
joined the GACC as
an intern and was taken on as Project
Manager in 2013
T 415-248-1249
Simone Friese
GACC West,
Project Manager Communications,
Membership & Events
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