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By providing continuous support for
the assignee’s household, we become
a trusted partner and problem solver
for the duration of the assignment,
simultaneously saving company
resources, reducing HR department
workload, legal responsibilities,
confidentiality issues and most
importantly time, hassle, stress and
money. We even have solutions to
support the human aspect of life in
Germany. With our coaching
partner, Global Talent Coaching, we
enable your employees and accom-
panying families to reach optimum
living; assignees usually start to
work earlier and the occurrence of
failed assignments is reduced.
With our clients’ best interests at
heart, we work continuously in the
background, monitoring and
managing personal contracts,
insurances, expenditures, invoices
and other non-work related obliga-
tions, helping to prevent issues from
arising that could
spiral out of control
and have a
negative financial impact on
companies as well as the general
welfare of the assignee and their
accompanying family. Hence putting
our service concept at the forefront
of securing ROI and international
assignment success.
Global mobility specialists and the
expatriate management industry
are becoming more aware of the
importance of implementing
long-term assignee support at a new
destination beyond the traditional
‘Settling in Services’ into their
relocation policies and agendas.
Understanding that it is not only a
company’s bottom line which is at
stake in areas such as attracting and
retaining international talent, but
ongoing support and personal
management outside of the work
place is a service that assignees and
their families seem to be missing, yet
need to receive.
Contact info:
King & Mayr GmbH & Co.KG
DE: 0049(0)2451-910 50-0
USA: 001-212-330 7691
UK: 0044(0)20-7692 5085
German American Trade Mar/Apr 2014
“I would have moved to another country because
I could not have managed with the problems I had
encountered. I needed immediate internet service –
no one could help me except King & Mayr.“
Jennifer King, Alan L. King and Holger Mayr
at the prestigious European Expatriate
Mobility Management Awards
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